How to Manage your Brand Reputation in Social Media Marketing

How to manage your brand reputation in social media marketingHave you thought of managing your brand reputation across social media? You might have an efficient social media marketing strategy, but the result doesn’t turn out very well. The reason might be the fact that you’ve forgotten to manage your brand reputation across social media platforms. In this article, you’ll learn what brand reputation is and how you can manage it on social media.

What is Social Media Reputation Management?

Imagine when you want to purchase a simple thing from a brand. You will probably ask your friends’ opinions about the quality of their experience with this product/service or the brand itself. In the age of digital marketing, the same thing happens, of course, with a different shape. Online reviews, social users’ comments, shares, testimonials, and many other techniques can help internet users make a purchasing decision. In fact, you’re checking the brand’s reputation to see if other people are satisfied with their products/services. This has a great impact on the number of your followers and finally on your sales.  That’s why brand reputation management is so important, especially on social media platforms. Brand reputation management is, in fact, the process of posting quality content that makes you appear like a thought leader and then monitoring social channels to track the feedback. Of course, engaging with audiences who talk positive/negative about your brand is central to this process. This is in addition to checking online review sites, directories, and also business-finding apps. Overall, you have to make sure that the majority of customers are satisfied with your performance. 

Tips for a Better Social Media Reputation Management

After exchanging experiences with our friends from top-rated social media marketing companies, we agreed on some of the best tips for managing social media reputation.

Post informative content

First and foremost, you need to provide your audience with informative content. Remember that the majority of social users search for information regarding brands, products, and “how to do” subjects on social media. So this is a great opportunity to let them know you’re a niche leader. So having a consistent social media presence with posting visualized and informative content is the first step to managing your brand reputation on social media. Try to answer all important questions your audience might have. Using sites like Quora can be a great help in this step. When users find their answer on your page, they’ll definitely keep following you and finally become your loyal customer.

Resolve issues and reply to feedback in a friendly tone of voice

You need to bear in mind that even the most popular brands will not solely receive positive comments. There is always a dissatisfied consumer, and you need to answer them so that they become your loyal customer. So you have to be ready for issues and complaints, especially when you’re running a small business. The reason is that the first impressions are really important and might make some potential customers avoid buying from you for eternity. Apart from improving the quality of your products/services, you need to answer these questions in professional and friendly customer service. Remember that early engagement is of great importance to many customers. So when they post a negative comment, try to answer them quickly and completely. A high engagement rate is a key to gaining more followers and converting them to loyal customers. A marketer from Social Tradia believes that even if you want to sell your social media account, higher engagement rates can be of great help to earn more money.

Think about a social listening tool

The truth is that tracking all conversations about your business is a time-sucking task. So you need to think of a tool to simplify the process. Fortunately, social listening tools can be of great use in these situations. For example, Hootsuite provides you with a fantastic tool to save your time and energy when it comes to tracking your brand’s social mentions. Other reputation management tools also can be helpful to cover all the channels.

Share testimonials on social media

This is well-established that an endorsement from other people has a great influence on buyers’ mind. If you can gain organic testimonials and online reviews from satisfied customers, you can benefit from it. You just need to share these reviews on social media platforms to impact other audiences’ decisions. Try to offer customers a discount in return for testimonials or even live videos to make it more organic. This way, you can manage your reputation on social media and be sure about your future sales. Sales and leads, like reputation, need adequate management and that’s where using a sales CRM comes into play. The software can help you leverage customer data and automate processes.


An efficient social media reputation management can be a gamechanger in marketing. Remember that if you don’t pay attention to this matter, you will lose your customers in this competitive field. So try to build a strong reputation management strategy and optimize it every often to make everything is going well.

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