Web Scraping Customer Reviews to Improve Your Reputation Management

Web Scraping Customer Reviews to Improve Your Reputation Management

Building a reputation can take a long time, but an influx of negative reviews can ruin it in a single day. Gaining the trust of people is not as easy it might seem. People invest money and many years into trying to market their products and services successfully. All of this effort could be in vain when a handful of customers are not satisfied with an offering.

Reputation Monitoring

Being vigilant and cognizant of the negative reviews can help your business present a better image. This way not only do you make yourself seem genuine and caring towards the customers, but also trustworthy.

It is imperative to deal with negative reviews before they start affecting a business. For large businesses, constantly monitoring business reviews can be a tedious task. For international businesses, doing this is nearly impossible. This gives rise to the need for automated solutions to solve such new-age problems. The best way to do this is through the use of web scraping using Python.

Once all of the data are collected, the analysis tool can identify how negative or positive the review is. It takes into account the subject of the complaints and if there are any recurring ones.

Collective decisions can be made regarding what to do from the analysis of data using smart triggers and other insights. These tools also allow one to identify problematic areas and to create a strategy to counter them.

Too many negative reviews?

Contrary to belief, a few negative reviews can actually add legitimacy to a business; however, too many can ruin its reputation. Scouring through these reviews is a great way to show that a business cares about its customers. It is important to acknowledge and reply to these, asking them how their problem can be solved and offering assistance. Many a time people cannot figure out how to use the products or services that are offered by an organization and they just need guidance.

Individuals are more than appreciative of people who take the time to address their concerns. This indicated the importance of actively monitoring what is being written about the business. This hands-on approach will yield great results in the long run. Using tools, such as web scraping, enables business owners, and employees, to answer reviews in real-time. Additionally, it also has the ability to “reclaim” previously dissatisfied customers and convince them to give the offering another chance.

For people operating a business, returning customers are the key to your success. In the case of people spamming the business with negative reviews, it is possible to get reviews removed from a portal.

Advantages of Web Scraping

Brand visibility

Exposure and favor are two of the biggest currencies in the modern world. As you reply to the negative reviews and try to rebuild the relationship with some of the customers, your brand visibility will increase tremendously. People will see that the business is making active efforts to retain clients and genuinely help them too. Organizations are also able to keep better tabs on what their customers are tweeting, posting, or sharing by utilizing reputation management software.

Review management software can redirect reviews to a more suitable channel where testimonials can be advertised.

Better Customer Relations

Being vigilant and attentive to customer grievances enables a business to address customers more quickly. Negative experiences can be transformed into positive ones and solid customer relationships can be formed. Ultimately, this builds trust and loyalty, a good asset to any business. It’s amazing what a little genuine caring can do for your reputation.

Competition tracking

With reputation management software, an alarm can be set to keep tabs on competitors. It allows businesses to review what people are saying about the competition and how they fare against them. It is possible to sway public opinion of an offering by showcasing how good it is.

Anytime the competition makes a post or is mentioned, a business can have a contingency plan ready to counter it. This way not only is a positive public opinion created about the business, but the business is also kept up to date on what their target audience thinks about the competition too.


The world has transcended beyond traditional media and it is vital to adapt and make the most of the new opportunities. Constant vigilance and triggers for new reviews are great ways to build and maintain a positive image online. Implementing the right tool(s) is an effective vehicle for accomplishing such.


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