How Success and Brand Consistency Go Hand in Hand

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In a world with millions of businesses, it can be hard to stand out and be successful. So, how can we achieve these goals? Maintaining brand consistency is essential for increased brand recognition and positioning. This will help customers not only remember you but put trust in your products so they keep coming back to you. 

What Is Brand Consistency? 

Brand consistency is the foundation of your business’ image, identity, and ultimate success. It includes everything under the big umbrella of marketing the business: every message, design, social media post, etc. It‚Äôs how you communicate with customers, potential customers, and everything in between.¬† You are probably tracking purchase orders, but are you measuring your brand image?¬†

For example, when a customer visits a company’s website, Facebook page, or Instagram page, they should have a similar experience. These platforms should also have a consistent look and feel. When this happens, customers note that your business has a strong brand identity. This makes your business easily identifiable and memorable. So, no matter where someone is seeking information about your company or engaging with your brand, it’s all the same! 

Why Is It Important to Stay Consistent? 

Unfortunately, as much as it would be nice that customers automatically trust and love a brand right off the bat, it does not happen. It would make marketing considerably easier! It is vital to keep your brand consistent because it makes you memorable. 

Repetition is why we remember facts, lists, and other important information, like answers to test questions. If people see similar things across your company’s platforms, they are more likely to remember you. Staying consistent with your brand will help you stay memorable. 

Consistency = Recognition 

Have you ever seen a particular commercial character on TV and instantly known what company the ad is for? That is brand recognition. It is the perfect example of consistent marketing that makes people remember companies. 

In a survey, 71% of consumers said they would be more likely to buy a product or service from a brand they remembered or recognized. So, if a customer has the choice between a brand they know and one they are not, they are going to pick what is familiar. Brands with marketing and brand consistency benefit from being easily recognized. This can help your business save money, expand brand building and increase consumer trust. 

The Importance of Consumer Trust 

Trust is another key to success. In a study, 81% of consumers said they would not buy from a brand unless they trust it. What is the way to build trust? Consistent branding. If your brand identity is all over the place, you are leaving customers wondering what your brand is really about. Brand consistency makes your company come across as trustworthy. 

Brand Identity Guide

To keep your brand consistent across all platforms, come up with an identity guide from the moment you start your business! This will help any employee, whether they are new or a veteran, stick to script, as they say. That way, there are no questions. 

Here is what you should have in your style guide: 

  • A mission statement¬†
  • Brand guidelines¬†
  • Color palette¬†
  • Put a logo on all your assets¬†
  • Ensure employees are following and understand brand identity guidelines¬†
  • Keep a consistent schedule for marketing¬†
  • Be thoughtful about content¬†
  • Keep brand consistent across all platforms¬†
  • Schedule regular brand audits¬†
  • Brand should be cohesive online and offline¬†

Your mission statement should tell the story of what your company is, how it functions and what it can offer. If you are not sure how to start with branding, a mission statement is a great place to begin. This will help clarify other decisions you will have to make in the future. 

Make sure your mission statement hits these four components: 

  • Easy to read¬†
  • Is memorable¬†
  • Identifies the big picture
  • Showcases your unique value¬†

If your mission statement fails to do one of those four things, start over! 

How to Implement DAM Software in Your Organization

If you are searching to stay consistent with your brand, try investing in digital asset management (DAM) software. It is a management solution that provides businesses with the ability to create, share, keep track of, and find and manage digital assets in the creative process. DAM software keeps everything in one centralized online location. 

When implementing DAM software, you need to have a complete audit of your assets. This strategic report will help you define your objectives and help you pick a DAM software that best fits your needs. 

When you are picking the right DAM software, be sure to talk to potential partners about asset types, data architecture, software features, specific capabilities, pricing, and any technology that your company uses that DAM could potentially integrate with. This should not be rushed. Take your time and weigh all your options. If you pick the wrong DAM software, this could be more hurtful than helpful. 

Once you find a DAM partner, assign one person to oversee the implementation and work to keep things simple. Many departments will be involved in the process, so try to simplify it as much as possible to reduce headaches and setbacks. 

The fourth step is to keep a close eye on how the DAM system integrates into your company’s already existing tools. This will help you catch any issues and resolve them quickly. Then, be sure to establish roles and permissions within the system. When this happens, DAM can control access to certain files. 

For example, a user looking for a photo or video will only find ones that are approved and up to date. This adds a layer of security and can help employees spend less time looking for content. 


At the end of the day, for your business to succeed, people have to remember you and trust your product. If any part of that equation fails, the business will fail. 

Brand consistency can help keep your business alive. Repetition creates trust among consumers, which will help bring customers around for years to come. Maintaining brand consistency is essential for increased brand recognition and positioning.

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