What is a Crash?

A Crash is the group identification name for rhinos, much like a group of birds are called a flock. 

You see, a rhino can run up to 30 miles per hour, but can only see 30 feet ahead of them. So when they run, they run together, in confidence, moving forward at full speed, even if they're not sure exactly what is in front of them.

Rhinos are intense, passionate and focused. Rhinos see where they want to go and start charging, knocking down anything that gets in their way. Rhinos get things done!

Well, that's us. We, as a team, run together in confidence and we always move forward at full speed, knocking down anything that gets in our way.

Our Crash

We believe having a positive online reputation is essential in today’s world because you don’t get a second chance to make a first impression. Our dream team of highly experienced and well-versed experts are passionate about helping you look your very best online. 

Leadership Team

Dave Fulk

Investor, entrepreneur and seasoned executive Dave Fulk comes equipped with decades of experience leading successful teams across a wide array of industries. Originally hailing from Kansas City, Missouri, Dave puts a high value on morals, ethics, and hard work.

His knowledge, leadership, and experience form the backbone to lead Reputation Rhino, which assists many of the world’s most recognizable businesses and individuals with online reputation management.

As the CEO, he is committed to delivering the best products and full-service digital agency experience for the company’s customers. He’s dedicated to giving Reputation Rhino clients the opportunity to make their first impression online, on their own terms — not Google’s.

He has a relentless passion to motivate, inspire and help others succeed while giving back to his community. He lives for his wife and three kids. He loves soccer, and he is never content with mediocre.


Todd William

Todd William is the founder of Reputation Rhino. A former attorney, Todd has over 20 years of experience providing a wide range of legal and strategic advisory services to Fortune 500 companies and small and midsize businesses.

Todd has worked with some of the largest brands in the world, and is a highly sought after expert for celebrities, politicians, entrepreneurs, and C-suite level business executives seeking to promote, protect, and defend their online reputation.

Todd uses online reputation management, public relations, and digital marketing strategies to eliminate the impact of damaging online search results and promote a positive online image for his clients.  Todd's award-winning work has been recognized by Bloomberg, Time, US News, Forbes, Huffington Post, and many other leading news organizations.


Kristopher Jackson

Kristopher has been a Project Manager in the technology sector for over 15 years. He has founded digital companies with national success and recognition. He has also worked for some of the fastest-growing companies in their industries. 

He has experience managing large-scale projects for multi-million dollar businesses as well as projects of any scale for small to medium-sized businesses. He understands the strength of any collaboration is communication, alignment, and a “get it done” attitude.

Together with his team of experts, Kristopher is the muscle behind the strategy that ensures our team gets you the results you are looking for so you can always look your best online.


Brandon T. Adams, Partner

Brandon T. Adams is a 2X Emmy® Award-Winning Producer, TV Host, Media Expert, Investor and Advisor.  He is the founder of Accelerant Media Group which produces Commercials, Social Media Content, and TV Shows that Inspire and Motivate others.

He is the Associate Producer of the film, Think and Grow Rich The Legacy and the youngest person to be featured in the film. This film is based on the best-selling book “Think and Grow Rich” by Napoleon Hill which sold over 130 million copies worldwide.

Over the past 8 years Brandon has used his background and expertise in digital marketing, video marketing, and crowdfunding to raise over $60 Million collaboratively for various companies and have launched some of the biggest campaigns in history working with companies such as XPRIZE, The Napoleon Hill Foundation, Kevin Harrington Enterprises, Think and Grow Rich The Legacy, Ambitious Adventures TV Show, and Jeff Hoffman, the Serial Entrepreneur behind Priceline.com.


Brian Harrington, Partner

Brian Harrington has a passion for entrepreneurship and helping other entrepreneurs grow exponentially. He is currently involved in dozens of different companies while providing guidance and education to thousands of entrepreneurs around the globe. Brian has worked closely with Fortune 500 companies, top influencers and thought leaders, and today’s brightest business minds.

Brian brings expertise in identifying, sourcing, and developing new products for commercial marketing success. He has managed hundreds of vendors, thousands of products, millions of customers, marketing strategies, content production, entire teams, celebrities, budgeting and forecasting processes, and just about every other facet of nuts-and-bolts business building you can think of. 


Derek Woryn, Partner

For the past 20 years Derek has been starting and growing successful companies.  His first company in 2001 helped contractors quickly prepare for and pass the builders exam.  Since that time Derek has started and grown four additional companies that provide e-learning to the construction and tax industries, private jet management, and real estate investment services.  

All the companies have been profitable and continue to grow in revenue. 

Derek is also highly skilled in creating a company culture where the employees are engaged in executing the mission, and have fun accomplishing the goal.  The result is increased revenue and greater returns for investors.


Gregory Graf, Vice President of Reputation Management

Gregory has spent the last 22 years working in digital marketing, product development, search engine optimization, and online reputation management. Over the last decade, his focus has been safeguarding the online reputation of global brands, political figures, and CEOs. 

His extensive expertise in global online reputation management enables him to tackle challenging issues for enterprise-level brands.

With experience across multiple industries, Gregory is able to come up with creative solutions to unique problems by always thinking way outside the box. He is a capable researcher and has developed ways to neutralize potential business threats before they become a bigger problem for a brand. 

If you are in need of a solution that others have been unable to solve, Gregory may have an idea that can make the difference. 


Kevin Harrington, Partner

As an original “shark” on the hit TV show Shark Tank, the creator of the infomercial, pioneer of the As Seen on TV brand, and co-founding board member of the Entrepreneur’s Organization, Kevin Harrington has pushed past all the questions and excuses to repeatedly enjoy 100X success. His legendary work behind the scenes of business ventures has produced more than $5 billion in global sales, the launch of more than 500 products, and the making of dozens of millionaires.

He’s launched massively successful products like The Food Saver, Ginsu Knives, The Great Wok of China, The Flying Lure, and many more. He has worked with amazing celebrities turned entrepreneurs including, like Billie Mays, Tony Little, Jack LaLanne, and George Foreman to name a few. Kevin’s been called the Entrepreneur’s Entrepreneur and the Entrepreneur Answer Man, because he knows the challenges unique to start-ups and has a special passion for helping entrepreneurs succeed.


Rigsby The Rhino, Mascot

Rigsby is our crash leader. He is filled with the Rhino spirit which makes him intense, passionate and focused. He sees where he wants to go and starts charging!

He has two-inch-thick skin to deal with the negative issues he has to face. He weighs 6,000 pounds which helps him crush fears and doubts as he charges forward in confidence, always moving forward at full speed, knocking down anything that gets in his way!


Amanda McKeen - Operations Manager

Amanda McKeen is our Operations Manager, responsible for improving our systems, processes and best practices. She is always looking for practical ways to engage our team and to make the workplace more effective, efficient and enjoyable!

Amanda is passionate about empowering others to live life to their full potential. Her driving force is to be an excellent steward of her existence so she can be an agent of change and a creator of good things. She puts high value on integrity and teamwork.

While her career began as a Health and PE teacher in Ecuador, Amanda has been through a variety of roles, each providing an opportunity to develop meaningful relationships while sharpening a solutions-based mindset. She joined Reputation Rhino with over 10 years of experience in collaborating with individuals and teams from a variety of industries and cultures.

When she’s not working, you can find Amanda hiking and mountain biking in the beautiful White Mountains of New Hampshire.


Amy Pantoja - Director of Content

Amy Pantoja has been in the Content Marketing and Content Management space for the past 8 years. She has worked for a wide variety of clients, often juggling multiple brands across numerous industries at once. 

Amy specializes in building a brand’s identity and increasing their online presence by developing a content strategy and editorial calendar that is focused on increasing overall web traffic and brand awareness. 

When it comes to creating new content for your brand or company, and putting that content front and center in search engines, Amy’s your girl. When she isn’t working, you can find her spending time with her husband and her especially adorable son.


Oliver Robins - Senior Marketing Manager

With over 13 years of expertise in omnichannel marketing, design, and brand development, Oliver currently holds the position of Senior Marketing Manager for Reputation Rhino. He is the force behind campaigns that continually elevate brand awareness and set the bar for ROI. Oliver’s adeptness in harnessing data-driven insights, complemented by his innate creative flair, places him at the forefront of marketing innovation. 

A product of the invaluable lessons from the School of Hard Knocks, Oliver’s dedication spans over a decade, reflecting his unwavering passion for continuous growth and innovative thinking. His seasoned expertise has paved the way for collaborations with industry titans like Disney, Nickelodeon, Dreamworks, and Mattel, resulting in internationally acclaimed campaigns.

But there’s more to Oliver than meets the professional eye. If you’ve ever had a conversation with him, you’d know how flawlessly he can quote “The Big Lebowski.” This love for the film is evident in the proud collection of memorabilia he owns. Dive a bit deeper, and you’ll find that his skin tells tales of its own. Adorned with over 200 tattoos, Oliver sees each one as a chapter in his personal journal, marking memories, stories, and milestones. For him, tattooing goes beyond aesthetics; it’s a profound form of self-expression.


Clayburn Griffin, Director of SEO

Clayburn Griffin brings his innovative and thoughtful problem-solving to the role of Director of SEO for Reputation Rhino. He spends his days planning reputation and SEO strategies for clients, and then overseeing the execution of those strategies by working with other team members and contractors.

Clayburn knows that reputation is much more than just results in a search engine; it is a person’s and a brand’s identity, and it’s meaningful to them. Fixing reputation issues for our clients brings him great personal satisfaction that comes from helping to right a wrong.

Previously, Clayburn created and managed the SEO department at Horizon Media, as well as working in SEO strategy at GroupM and 360i, all well-known media agencies. He has worked in digital marketing for over 10 years and has a background in web development.

As the father of a 2-year and a newborn, Clayburn likes to kick back and relax by playing trivia at his local brewery.


Paul Hickey - Solutions Director

Solutions Director Paul Hickey works to create better websites and SEO solutions for our clients, while also creating a seamless client experience from onboarding to implementation.

For Paul, working with Reputation Rhino is an opportunity to marry his “digital geek” side with his client-facing communications side. He enjoys building technical solutions just as much as he enjoys working directly with clients to determine what they want and need.

If you’re looking for a website or web app, a digital strategy, or SEO and reputation management, Paul can both formulate a strategy and implement the technical solution for you.

Prior to his work with Reputation Rhino, Paul worked for the NBA and WNBA in Marketing and Public Relations for six years, and has three championship rings to prove it! When he isn’t hard at work, you can find him spending time with his wife and two children, or running marathons.


"Kristoffer "KC" Cox -  SEO Specialist

"Kristoffer "KC" Cox is a seasoned SEO Specialist with an extensive background Marketing and Information Technologies. 

KC spent 14 years serving in the United States Army in various roles as both a Non-Commissioned and Commissioned Officer. 

These roles include IT, Psychological Operations, and then Became a Communications Officer. During his time in the Army, KC honed his skills in project management, team leadership, and strategic planning.

After leaving the Army, KC shifted his focus to the field of digital marketing and quickly established himself as a top performer in the industry. With a passion for SEO and a deep understanding of how search engines work due to his technical background, KC has helped numerous clients achieve their goals through targeted and effective Local, National, Ecommerce, and Technical SEO optimization strategies.

At Reputation Rhino, KC brings his wealth of knowledge and experience to the team, helping clients to improve their online visibility and reputation. With his expertise in keyword research, content creation, and technical optimization, KC is able to deliver exceptional results for clients across a wide range of industries.

KC holds a BS in Multi-Media Communications from Oral Roberts University, an MA from The University of Oklahoma, and is continuously seeking new ways to expand his skill set and stay at the forefront of the ever-evolving digital marketing and online reputation management landscape."


April Kirk - Billing Coordinator

April Kirk is the Billing Coordinator at Reputation Rhino, where she works to streamline and improve the accounts receivable process and build strong relationships with clients. 

With over 20 years of experience in finance and accounting, April brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to her role.

Prior to joining Reputation Rhino, April graduated from Chaminade University in Honolulu, Hawaii and worked in various finance and accounting positions. She has successfully improved the bookkeeping department by streamlining new processes and procedures, resulting in significant cost savings for the companies she has worked for.

April's passion for helping others is what drives her to succeed in her work. She has spent a great deal of time volunteering and assisting military families at different military installations, and values kindness, loyalty, and respect above all else.

When she's not working, April enjoys spending time with her family, gardening, and undertaking home renovation projects. She has lived all over the U.S. during her husband's military career and is originally from a small town in Tennessee. Country music is her favorite genre, and she loves to read in her spare time.


Richard Counsell

Richard Counsell isn't your average Senior Marketing Manager—his diverse background includes competitive cheerleading, high-level tumbling coaching, and a discerning palate for quality coffee. 

It's this unique blend of experiences that enables Richard to approach marketing with a strategic yet creative mindset. 

With over a decade in the digital marketing and data management sector, Richard has honed his skills to become a driving force behind the success of campaigns and initiatives.

He prides himself on his proven track record of designing and executing high-impact marketing strategies that yield tangible results.

But what truly sets Richard apart is his client-centric ethos. He's passionate about helping both brands and individuals grow, and he knows that the key to this growth lies in authentic relationship building and keeping the brand experience at the heart of all strategies. 

He's not just a marketer; he's a strategic visionary and a creative problem solver committed to enhancing your brand's reach and reputation.



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Olivia Smith - Business Development Representative

Olivia Smith, our Business Development Representative, brings a valuable blend of military experience and eight years in sales to Reputation Rhino. Specializing in Online Review Management services, Olivia is committed to understanding our clients' needs and delivering reliable solutions.

With a background in the Navy, Olivia's disciplined approach and strategic mindset make her an essential part of our team. She focuses on building genuine connections and providing exceptional service to align with Reputation Rhino's commitment to enhancing online reputations.

Outside of work, Olivia enjoys simple pleasures like hiking, spending time with her three pitbulls—Bernie, Millie, and Owen—and casual cookouts. She has a fondness for farmers markets, coffee shops, and is often found enjoying these activities with her fiancé. Olivia also appreciates a good book and considers herself a professional window shopper in her spare time.

Drawing from her military background and sales experience, Olivia embodies the values of integrity and teamwork that define Reputation Rhino. Her dedication to building meaningful connections contributes to the positive and collaborative atmosphere within our team.

Joining Reputation Rhino with a mission to make a positive impact, Olivia Smith is a reliable team player ready to contribute to your online reputation success.


Saul Cooper

A true Digital Marketing champion who has created winning campaigns for his customers while helping companies grow. A true collaborator, and innovator who has led sales teams to new heights through hard work, creativity, and attention to detail. Originally from New York (born and raised) but now residing in South Florida, Saul has a passion for sales, digital marketing and helping his clients.

For the past 12 years Saul has done a masterful job at being a trusted
advisor for his clients. A valued marketing resource, he has been able to help companies increase brand awareness, working to generate more
leads, and establish a better online reputation. His commitment to
excellence has allowed him to thrive and build solid relationships.

Saul Cooper Reputation Rhino

Saul is committed to helping any business, small, medium or large get a leg up on the ever changing world of Google. He believes in leveraging his
team to produce top notch results for his customers. One of his goals is to
keep learning, and making each day better for those around him.

When he is not working tirelessly to help people, Saul enjoys spending time
with his wife, son and two puggles. An avid golfer and musician, Saul also
enjoys traveling and learning about new places.

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