Reputation Rhino is the leader in online reputation management. We back up our reputation repair services with an unconditional money-back guarantee. Our team will begin work immediately to remove negative search results that damage your personal reputation using the latest technology and our cutting-edge search engine marketing skills.

Whether you are looking for a job, selling a product, applying for school, meeting a client or looking for a date, someone is going to search online to learn more about you.

Doctors, attorneys, small business owners, accountants, consultants, freelancers and contractors turn to Reputation Rhino for online reputation management and reputation repair. If you are a victim of internet defamation or slander you know how someone can anonymously hide behind a hateful comment, video or blog post that can remain online forever and damage your personal life or business. It is online terrorism. But you can fight back!

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Online Reputation Management

Reputation Rhino can help you:

  • Create a Positive Online Identity
  • Remove or Suppress Negative Online Search Results
  • Optimize Positive Web Content
  • Protect Your Personal Privacy
  • Fight Libel and Online Defamation
  • Remove or Bury Ripoff Reports and Online Complaints
  • Defend Against Competitors’ Smear Campaigns
  • Influence Google Autocomplete suggestions

Reputation Rhino is led by a team of experienced public relations professionals who will customize an affordable online reputation management strategy designed to quickly eliminate the impact of damaging reviews, blog posts, news articles, forum comments and any other negative content.

Our online reputation management services will promote a positive online image to anyone looking for you or your company online – prospective employers, friends, clients, customers, coworkers and business partners.

Reputation Rhino offers highly confidential reputation repair services backed by an unconditional 30-day money-back guarantee.

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Our Process - How to Repair Your Online Reputation

Research We begin any online reputation repair project by analyzing the top 50+ search results for our target keyword(s). We identify positive and neutral content that has Page 1 potential that we will leverage as part of our campaign.

Profile Optimization We create or leverage professionally edited personal and/or business profiles on customized microsites and leading, highly visible social media, blogs, news, and other Web sites. We support this content with high authority link building to dominate Google and other search engines to displace negative listing(s).

Content Marketing and Online Public Relations We create and promote high authority positive content, such as news articles, press releases, business profiles, executive interviews, blog posts, etc. We support this content with link building so positive content will achieve maximum search engine visibility and push down or replace negative content on Page 1 and beyond.

Online Reputation Repair Process

In addition to building content publishing relationships with over thousands of blogs and news sites, we maintain an industry-leading Private Blog Network (PBN) we leverage for high impact link building. We regularly publish and promote executive interviews, videos, press releases, business profiles, microsites, individual profiles, etc. that have Page 1 ranking potential.

Online Reputation Monitoring We monitor the web and online conversations actively for all our clients. We will alert you to any reputational issues that require immediate attention.

Monthly Reporting and Metrics We provide a monthly report with detailed reputation management performance metrics so you can track the progress of your campaign.

Online Reputation Crisis

How do I handle an online reputation crisis?

First, Breathe. You are not your worst mistake. You are in the middle of the storm and there is thunder and lightning all around. You can’t see very far ahead and it’s raining. A perfect storm.

Next, Listen. This is the hardest part. People can be incredibly cruel, hateful and hurtful online.

Learn. I think our biggest mistakes can be our best lessons. From this traumatic experience of being on the receiving end of cancel culture, we can learn to be a better person, more understanding, more forgiving, and emerge a better, more professional employee or executive.

FINALLY Take action. After an appropriate time of introspection and self-improvement you can start to change the narrative. Charity, philanthropy, religion, writing a blog, starting a new business venture can all be proactive ways to turn things around.

Is reputation repair possible after an online crisis?

Absolutely. We have this strange fascination with tearing people down and watching people self-destruct, but we also love the comeback story. It’s an amazing irony.

For ordinary people, when we a mistake, we don’t have to worry about flashing cameras wherever we go. We have the chance, if not to turn back the clock, to at least turn the page. There are more online reputation services available than ever before.

It is possible to repair a damaged reputation, but it will definitely take work.

Can Reputation Rhino delete information online?

We regularly work with clients who are seeking to reduce the visibility of personal information online. We have been VERY successful in removing negative content and private and personal information from Google (including Google Images), Bing, Yahoo, and more.

European residents, under a privacy ruling known as the “Right to be Forgotten” can request that Google, Bing, Yahoo, and other search engines delist URLs that may contain “inaccurate, inadequate, irrelevant, or excessive” information.

Delete Online Information

Can Reputation Rhino remove revenge porn?

Yes! The distribution of pornography or similar images or videos to harass, humiliate, or intimidate that individual is one of the most destructive online crimes anyone can commit today. Thankfully, state legislatures are taking aggressive action to criminalize this activity.

However, we find that images are often hosted overseas and duplicated across many Websites — magnifying the damage and making removal very difficult to enforce.

Reputation Rhino is a leader in revenge porn removal. In addition to removal directly from the pornography Websites, we have successfully removed images from Google, Bing, Yahoo, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr and more.

Protect Online Privacy

Can Reputation Rhino help protect my online privacy?

Yes! It’s never been easier for someone to find out who you are – your best and worst moments are saved online. There is an abundance of information out there about everyone — and it is only growing. Practically any document a person submits to the government is a public record. This means that anyone can see a variety of files containing potentially sensitive information. Everything from political campaign contributions, real estate purchase and sale prices, divorce details, criminal history and sex offender status are visible online.

Over the past several years, it has become easier to access this information, as many federal and state agencies publish public records on the Internet through searchable databases. This information is often republished or made available by data aggregators. Users can easily go online, find, and download this information.

Social media has made opportunities for overexposure even greater. Its usage has exploded in recent years – a report by Pew Research Center indicates that 72% of U.S. adults use social networking websites, up from 46% in 2010 and just 7% in 2005. The number is highest for young adults – over 90% of people age 18 to 29 use social media. Usage among those age 65 and older has more than tripled since 2010, from 11% to 40% and growing.

Users have the ability to control much of the information presented on social media sites. However, privacy features are changing rapidly and people are struggling to keep up with and fully understand the impact of the various privacy settings now available. Social media users are sharing more and more information. For example, a study by Carnegie Mellon University found that on Facebook, the number of disclosures of personal details (e.g., hometown, high school, and interests) had risen significantly from prior years.

Even if people make their profiles private, others can gain access to their information through mutual friends. The bigger the network, the more opportunities there are for this exposure to occur. This has made it much easier for strangers to learn personal things about individuals, observe others’ views about sensitive topics, share these insights, and form an opinion.

Online reputations have never been more vulnerable. And this is a major cause for concern because, like it or not — the way people perceive you online matters.

How to Choose the Best Personal Reputation Management Companies?

With hundreds of online reputation management companies to choose from, how do you decide which company is best positioned to help resolve your problem online?

Selecting the best personal reputation management company is a time-consuming, but very important process. To get started, research a list of potential online reputation management companies by looking at company websites, online ratings, online reviews, resources, or other trusted referral sources.

The next step is to reduce the number of potential firms down to a manageable short list of preferred online reputation management companies. Then, contact and interview each of the preferred companies.

1. Identify Your Online Reputation Management Problem and Use a Specialist

Some personal reputation management companies specialize in crisis communications, while others are more experienced in building a positive reputation from scratch, while other reputation management companies are skilled at reputation repair. Just like you wouldn’t go to a dentist for a heart condition or a neurosurgeon for toothache, when choosing a reputation management firm, you should find a company that has the skill set to help you achieve your goal.

2. Make Sure the Online Reputation Management Company has the Right Experience

Experience is one of the most important criteria in selecting the best personal reputation management company. You want a firm with a track record of success with your particular type of problem. Such a record of experience will dramatically increase the likelihood that the reputation management firm can help to resolve your issue successfully.

The number of years in business, number of projects in a particular specialty area and prior results are important considerations when evaluating the reputation management company's "experience."

3. Look for an Excellent Communicator

Online reputation management companies are supposed to be communications specialists, whether arguing for the removal of defamatory content, writing articles or publishing press releases, or analyzing content written by others. Equally important, however, is finding a personal reputation management company who can effectively communicate with you. You want a firm that anticipates your questions, can articulate a thoughtful strategy and keeps you updated regularly about the progress of your project without you having to call first.

The firm should have the ability to communicate in an organized and understandable manner, as communications skills are critically important for managing client expectations.

The best personal reputation management firms are able to clearly explain the options available to you, the advantages and disadvantages of different strategies and tactics.

4. Consider the Online Reputation Management Company’s Reputation

When researching the best personal reputation management companies, you should consider the reputation of the firm itself. If they can’t protect and defend their own online image, how can you expect them to effectively represent you and help improve your online reputation? Consider the current online search results for the company, ratings and reviews, media coverage, and other factors to evaluate the reputation of the firm.

5. Clarify Responsibility for Your Project

You can choose the best personal reputation management company for your project, but the success of your campaign is dependent on the team managing your project. For large digital marketing agencies and SEO firms that claim to do reputation management, your project may be handled by a junior associate or inexperienced member of their team. It is rate for personal reputation management projects to get high-level attention and focus by the executive team, so be sure to ask about who is going to be your project manager and who will be your primary point of contact for your online reputation management campaign.

6. Ask About Fees

At some point in the decision-making process when choosing a personal reputation management firm, the discussion will turn to cost. Ask for the company to explain the firm's billing procedures and methods. Project fees, contingency arrangements (payment for success) and monthly fees are common in the industry, although some companies bill hourly.

Ultimate Tips for Reputation Management 2021

Google Yourself

Find out what is being said about you or your company online. It is important to understand where you are starting from so you can figure out where you need to go and how to get there. If you are an individual, search for your first name and last name and add a city or state or employer -- these are the most common online searches for individuals.

Think About Your Personal Brand and Goals

What are you trying to accomplish by improving your online reputation. Are you trying to impress a future romantic partner? Are you seeking a new job or a promotion? Are you working to suppress negative articles? Defining your goals will make it easier to plan your strategy.

Claim Your Social Media Identity

Create an optimized personal or business profile on high quality social media and Web 2.0 sites, like Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter. Post a well written, professional biography, upload high quality photos and link to other online profiles. By growing your social network your sites will rank higher.

Start a Blog

A blog has evolved from a simple online diary to a way to quickly communicate to and with the online world -- without a filter. With tools like Wordpress, Medium and Blogger, it is easier than ever, and no knowledge of code is required. You can add images and video and link to other content of interest. If you are trying to manage your online reputation, a blog is a great place to start.

Register Your Name as a Domain

Be the master of your domain. Purchase, .net, and .org and other variants for your name. If your is not available, consider variants like

Create New Content and Participate Actively

In addition to publishing new content regularly on your website, participate actively on blogs, forums and bulletin boards. Comment on articles and share relevant information on Facebook, Twitter and other social sharing sites.

Check Your Comments

Wordpress websites are spam magnets, so don’t blindly approve mindless comments and don’t click on unfamiliar links. Approve comments that add value and delete the rest.

Keep an Inventory of Your Social Media

It might be time to delete that MySpace account from high school. Keep track of all the digital assets you own and control and make sure your login and password information is up to date. If a site is no longer relevant, delete your account.

Protect Your Privacy

In a world where cybersecurity breaches are a constant threat, you must be vigilant. Change to multi-factor authentication for logging in whenever possible, adjust your privacy settings, and choose hard to figure out passwords for your most important accounts.

Keep Your Personal Life and Professional Life Separate

Billy Joel said it best in The Stranger:

Well, we all have a face That we hide away forever And we take them out and show ourselves When everyone has gone

Online we are no longer strangers. We are all too familiar with the public and private lives of our friends, neighbors, colleagues and coworkers. The pot-smoking, keg standing fraternity stories (and photos) might be in our past, but their impact on our image is very much in the present. So be mindful of what you post, where you post and whether you can remove it if you wanted or needed to at some point in the future.

Monitor Your Online Reputation

Monitor conversations mentioning your name, brand or company. Discover where the conversations are taking place, what people are saying and who are the key influencers. Measure sentiment and follow trends.

Keep Your Goals Realistic

Managing client expectations is the most challenging part of online reputation management. It is important to set realistic goals and understand what you can achieve and what you may need professional help to achieve. Simply creating profiles and posting content is a starting point, but advanced search engine optimization tactics are often needed to help content rise to the top of Page 1. If it was easy to rank content, everyone would be able to do it.

Optimize Photos and Videos

Your online reputation is more than just organic search results. Google Photos, YouTube and other visual search engines also shape your online image. Choose the right image format, the correct size, add captions and alt-text attributes to help Google crawl the image. For videos, use the proper title and tags to stand out from the crowd. It should go without saying, but post photos and video content that present you in the best possible light.

Say Sorry

We all make mistakes. But one of the biggest mistakes people make online is pretending that the bad review or negative news article will go away one day, if we don’t do anything about it and pretend it doesn’t exist. Know when to respond immediately and when to remain silent. What you say can and will be used against you. Sometimes a simple apology can blunt the impact of a negative review or news story. Noone expects perfection, but people do expect you to acknowledge your mistakes and try to do better.

Privacy is No Longer an Option

It is becoming harder and harder to protect and maintain your privacy online. While you can control what you do and say online, you have little control about what other people do or say about us. Given the option of having little to no online identity and leaving it for others to fill in the blanks, we always recommend putting out at least a minimum of positive content online to fill out Page 1 of Google and other search engines. The absence of a strong online presence does not suggest a strong online reputation.

Get Help

Hire an experienced online reputation management company to promote positive information about you or your business to improve your online reputation and minimize or eliminate the impact of damaging online content.

Individual and Personal Reputation Management Statistics

  • 50%
    50% of internet users say they are worried about the amount of information that is available about them online.
  • 44%
    Only 44% actively think about the consequences of their online activities on their own personal reputation.
  • 38%
    Only 38% think about the long-term impact their online activities may have on the reputations of others.
  • 62%
    62% of adults have used a search engine to look up their own name or see what information about them is on the internet.
  • 65%
    65 % of people see online search as the most trusted source of information about people and companies. That’s a higher level of trust than any other online or offline source.
  • 26%
    About one-quarter of all adults (26%) have had untrue information about them posted online, most commonly about their character or reputation.
  • 49%
    49% of those who had untrue information posted about them tried to get the inaccurate claims removed or corrected
  • 46%
    46% of internet users search online to find information about people from their past.
  • 38%
    38% have sought information about their friends.
  • 31%
    31% of employed internet users have searched online for information about co-workers, professional colleagues or business competitors.
  • 92%
    92% of recruiters use social media during the recruiting process – 87% LinkedIn — 55% Facebook — 47% Twitter, 85% of recruiters and HR professionals say that a positive online reputation influences their hiring decisions.
  • 70%
    70% of employers use social media to screen candidates and 54% have decided not to hire a candidate based on their social media profiles.
  • 35%
    35% of college admissions officers have visited an applicant’s social media page to learn more about them.
  • 47%
    47% say that what they found has had a positive impact on prospective students. 42% say that what they found had a negative impact.
  • 29%
    29% of internet users with recent dating experience have gone online to search for information about someone they were currently dating or about to meet for a first date.
  • 24%
    24% of internet users have searched for information online about someone they dated in the past.

FAQs on Your Personal Reputation

What is personal reputation management?

Personal reputation management involves promoting positive online content and minimizing the damage and impact of negative online content. In the absence of negative content online, personal reputation management will involve building a positive reputation by establishing a consistent, clear, and credible image online.

What is a bad reputation?

A bad reputation is a negative opinion that others may have about you. Sometimes these opinions or judgments are based on fact, other times a bad reputation is based on rumor or innuendo.

How can I improve my personal online reputation?

To improve your personal online reputation, you first need to find out what is being said about you online and what you may be saying about yourself with your social media postings, images, etc. You should look closely at images and organic search results for potential reputational issues or gaps. Set up Google Alerts for new mentions.

Second, you should create an optimized professional profile on high-quality social media and Web 2.0 sites, like Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, and Medium. We often also recommend clients build a small website or blog for their first name + last name. If the foregoing is not effective, an online reputation management company should be able to effectively promote positive information about you and minimize or eliminate the impact of damaging online content.

How do I clean up my online reputation?

Although most people seek the help of online reputation management professionals, it is possible to clean up your reputation. Online with a combination of branded domains, press releases, optimized social media profiles, sponsored stories in high authority media and more.  In many cases it is possible to push the content of Page 1 completely in just a few months, in other more complicated projects mitigating the damage and providing some balance to Page 1 is the best possible result.

Can you repair your reputation online?

Yes. To clean up your online reputation, suppression is generally the best strategy – seeking to reduce the visibility of negative search results through a combination of new, high authority content and optimizing existing positive and neutral content.  This is challenging for the layperson because it is very time-consuming and requires search engine optimization skills, which is why most people look for expert help from an experienced online reputation management firm.

How do I find out my online reputation?

One way to find out your online reputation is to do an Internet search. Type in your company name or your first name and last name, including variations (e.g., Mike and Michael) and geographic location. You may discover social media and/or business profiles, news mentions, images, videos, government records, and more.

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