About Us

Reputation Rhino is a leading Online Reputation Management company based in New York City. 

Our outstanding team is made up of experienced legal, public relations, reputation management, marketing and technology experts who have worked with some of the largest brands in the world. 

Using our award-winning strategies, we help individuals and businesses remove or suppress negative search results to help you look your very best online.

We have been featured in Bloomberg Businessweek, Forbes, Fox Business, New York Post, U.S. News, Hollywood Reporter, and WABC Radio, just to name a few.

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Our Purpose

To empower individuals and businesses with control over their online reputation.

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Our Mission

Our mission is simple: Help you look your very best online.

We understand Your Reputation Is Everything.

We will help you, Control it, Manage it, Improve it and Protect it.

Whether you're an individual trying to remove personal content, correct inaccuracies, impress a prospective employer, or move on from a past mistake, we've got you covered. We believe you are entitled to solidify control over your online reputation.

Or if you’re a business dealing with negative search results, less than perfect reviews, or just seeking new clients and more traffic to your website. We can help.

We also believe your business, no matter how big, or small, should have a powerful online presence that gives a positive first impression to your clients and prospects.

Using our award-winning strategies, we will help you remove or suppress negative search results, improve business reviews, and fight against an algorithm that seeks to define who you are to others.

We believe everyone should be able to make a first impression on their terms, not Google’s.

Core Values

Take Initiative

Challenge the status quo

Work toward getting just 1% better every day

Keep trying, keep failing, and keep moving forward

Value Teamwork

Celebrate our successes, own our failures, and learn from both

Be Creative, Collaborative and Open-Minded

Fast is better than slow.

Be Passionate

Never settle for mediocrity

Do the right thing even when no one is looking

Focus on the right solutions to the problem

Relentlessly WOW the Client

Be fanatic about response times

Listen on Purpose, with empathy, and without judgment.

Always work to over-deliver

You have questions? We have answers.

What is meant by online reputation?

Online reputation refers to what appears online when someone searches for your name, company, or key products and services. It is informed by what others say about you, and what you may reveal about yourself through your posts, images, videos and more.

Why is your online reputation important?

We like to look at page one of Google as real estate. There are somewhere between seven or ten houses on the block and your goal, just like in the game of Monopoly, is to own as many of those properties as possible or to make sure that those properties that are near you or next to you are not competitive or damaging. If you cannot own it, you at least want to have “nice-looking” neighbors. When we are talking about page one for a keyword, like the products or services for your business, the competition is fierce. If we are talking about page one for your first lame and the last name, depending on how common or uncommon that first name / last name combination is, it could be highly competitive if you happen to share a name with Justin Bieber or Brittany Spears, or it can be very unique and you could be the only one on page one. So the question is if you have a unique name or unique brand, how do you make sure that the content that appears when people are searching for that unique name or brand is positive or at least neutral.

How do I manage online reputation?

It is getting much harder every day because Google is getting much more complex. Many of the tools and tactics that defined the online reputation management industry just a few short years ago are obsolete and ineffective now. It used to be that if you owned the dot com, dot net, dot org for your first name / last name or for your business name, all three of those sites would rank on page one. That is no longer the case.

It used to be that publishing a press release would appear and stay on page one for months, if not years. Now we are finding that a newly published press release, even from premium press release distribution sites, has a shelf life of around two or three days at best and then, without additional effort or link building, often disappear into page three or page four.

If your goal is page one and managing positive content and maintaining positive content on page one, we have seen that become much more difficult to manage over the past couple of years, which is why more and more clients are looking to experienced, top-rated reputation management companies to help manage their online reputation.