Is Your Online Reputation Sabotaging Your Success?

Discover What Kevin Harrington, The Original Shark on ABC's Hit Show "Shark Tank," Did To Fix His Online Reputation And Turbocharge His Deal Flow!

What Are People Discovering About You Online?

Is your online reputation keeping potential clients and partners away? Unaddressed negative reviews and misleading information can significantly impact your credibility and opportunities.
How confident are you that your digital footprint accurately reflects your achievements and integrity? Inconsistent or outdated information can tarnish your reputation and mislead those seeking your services or expertise.
Is your online presence resilient enough to handle unexpected negative publicity? Effective reputation management ensures that your positive attributes are highlighted and negative content is promptly addressed.

Find Out How We Help You Secure A GREAT Reputation Online!

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Meet Kevin Harrington

Kevin Harrington is a pioneer in the business world, known for his innovative approach and dedication to excellence. As an original Shark on ABC's Shark Tank, inventor of the infomercial, and a best-selling author, Kevin has always understood the importance of maintaining a stellar reputation. With over 40 years of experience, Kevin has launched more than 1,000 products and created billions in sales, proving that a strong reputation is crucial for sustained success.

When Kevin faced challenges to his own reputation, he realized the critical role of reputation management. He discovered that protecting and enhancing one's online image is essential not just for businesses, but for individuals striving to maintain their credibility and influence. Kevin's partnership with Reputation Rhino underscores his belief in the power of a positive online presence.

At Reputation Rhino, we leverage our expertise in managing and enhancing online reputations to help individuals and businesses navigate the complex digital landscape. Just as Kevin Harrington has built a legacy of trust and innovation, we are dedicated to ensuring that your online reputation reflects the same level of excellence and reliability.

How Kevin’s Experience Highlights the Importance of Reputation Management

Kevin Harrington’s journey emphasizes that no matter how successful you are, your reputation can always be at risk. Negative press, damaging reviews, and misinformation can quickly erode the trust you’ve built over years. Kevin's experience with reputation management showcases the importance of proactive measures to protect and enhance your online image.

Partnering with Reputation Rhino, Kevin has seen firsthand the value of comprehensive reputation management strategies. From suppressing negative content to promoting positive reviews, we ensure that your online presence accurately reflects your dedication and achievements.

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Your online reputation is the frontline of your business image.

Reputation Rhino Can Help You Build Customer Confidence Strengthen Consumer Trust Enhance Your Online Visibility Secure Lasting Brand Loyalty Amplify Positive Business Recognition .

When potential customers search for your business, ensure they are greeted with positive reviews and credible, trustworthy information

At Reputation Rhino, we don’t just manage your reputation; we ensure it excels, empowering you to focus on what matters most—delivering exceptional service.

Make the Right First Impression Every Time  because a tanked reputation can significantly impact trust, opportunities, and success.

A bad comment, review, or rating can TANK sales and completely derail an otherwise successful business.

Kevin woke up one morning and found that he was on the first page of TMZ but NOT in a good way. As a public figure or even an entrepreneur in general, you are subject to attacks in the media, without anyone knowing what the real stories are.

Stories, even untrue ones can quickly spread all over the internet for people to see and pass judgment without all the facts.

Because of the negative exposure he received, he had long-time business partners question his ethics. He had new potential partners just disappear. In the end, he lost out on a few great deals that cost him millions. But worse yet, he lost some good friends and business associates over something that they read online!

So believe us when we say your reputation is EVERYTHING.

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Protect Your Brand Reputation Image Identity

Protect and Improve Your Online Reputation Today With Reputation Rhino

At Reputation Rhino, we have over 10 years of experience in public relations, and we know how to get the best results for our clients. We specialize in removing negative reviews and content, improving SEO, website development, and promoting a positive online image. With our award-winning team of attorneys and experts, we are the one-stop-shop for all your online reputation management needs. 

Award-Winning Reputation Solutions not only For Businesses but Individuals too!

Reputation Rhino has been recognized by some of the largest and most respected news media in the world. Our extraordinary team of experienced legal, public relations, marketing, and technology experts have been featured on Bloomberg Businessweek, CrazyEgg, Forbes, PromotionWorld, DesignRush, U.S. News, Clutch, Hollywood Reporter, WABC Radio, MSNBC, Fox News, and many more.

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What Our Clients Say:

"Reputation Rhino manages my social media, print advertising, blog marketing, online reputation management and public relations strategy, and I'm winning"

Martin Laderman

Martin H. Laderman

MEM Property Management

"We've been with Reputation Rhino for almost three years and I’ve never worked with a company that is so committed to the success of their clients and able to deliver results month after month. We have ten keywords on Page 1 of Google."

Elliot Braha

Elliot Braha

42nd Street Photo

"Reputation Rhino is the best at what they do. I have seen them make RipOff Reports disappear from Page 1 and bury Yelp reviews deep into the search results."

Eric Richman

Michael Mann

Innovative Style Group

Why Online Reputation Management is Important

Online Reputation is a difficult task to manage in today’s digital world when you don't have the right tools or expertise. 

You only get one chance to make a great first impression. 

Everyone searches online nowadays before making a decision. Don’t you want to make sure what they see paints you in a good light?

Our team gets to work immediately to:

  1. Remove And Push Down Negative Search Results
  2. Make Sure the RIGHT Content Is Showing Up Online.  Content That Reinforces Your Brand!
  3. Proactively Manage Your Online Reputation From Here On Out!

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Reputation Management Statistics Everyone Needs To Understand And Know


88% of individuals believe that online reviews are just as trustworthy as personal recommendations when evaluating someone's professional credibility.


83% of people start their search for a service provider by reading online reviews, impacting how they perceive your personal or professional reputation.


95% of potential clients trust online reviews about a professional as much as a personal recommendation.


94% of individuals will avoid engaging with someone who has negative reviews online, underscoring the importance of maintaining a positive digital presence.

Effective reputation management is an ongoing and multifaceted endeavor. It goes beyond just creating content; it involves diligent monitoring of your online presence, timely responses to feedback, and active participation on social networks. By implementing reputation management strategies, individuals and professionals can cultivate a robust and credible online reputation that reflects their true character and professional integrity.

Take Back Control of Your Online Reputation

Reputation Rhino’s Proprietary Strategies for Online Reputation Management Are Designed to Clean Up Your Public Perception

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