Reputation Rhino is a New York SEO company specializing in SEO for Financial Advisors. We will help your financial services practice increase targeted traffic, achieve top rankings on relevant keywords, increase calls from prospective clients and generate leads.

Did you know the top 10 organic search results receive 89% of all clicks?

SEO marketing for investment advisors has become increasingly competitive and you don’t want your practice to be left behind. Choose an experienced financial services SEO company to help you achieve and maintain top Google rankings.

According to a recent Investopedia survey, 65% of affluent millennials surveyed said they trust financial advisors, compared to only 58% of Gen Xers. Trust is built on a foundation of consistent, credible, quality online content.

An IPSOS study found that 46% of Millennials see themselves staying with their current financial services companies over the next few years, but 48% of Millennials say they’re open to switching to another company offering better products and services. Your future clients are technology savvy and expect your website and content to match the quality of the services you are offering or they will be someone else’s future client.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) for Financial Advisors is the process used to enhance the online visibility of your firm to increase targeted traffic, achieve top rankings on agreed upon keywords and increase calls, leads and inquiries from prospective clients.

Keyword research, on-site optimization (optimized design, user experience, content quality / relevance, information architecture), technical SEO (structured data, meta tags, site speed), off-site optimization (link building and establishing authority), monitoring and measurement all must work together for SEO to be successful for your financial services Website.

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What is Financial Advisor SEO?

Financial Advisor SEO has evolved to become the powerful and effective digital marketing strategy to attract new clients in every local market.

SEO works to improve and optimize online content to rank higher on different search engines.

seo for Financial Advisor

How Does SEO Work?

To improve the organic presence of your Financial Advisor Website on Google and other search engines, our award-winning SEO company offers a range of services including the following:

  • On page optimization following ethical (white-hat) SEO techniques
  • Targeting a combination of category, product/service and location related keywords
  • Integrating relevant content on-page and off-page for targeted keywords
  • Building your Financial Advisor brand online through offsite optimization
  • Link building

On-Page Optimization

Top search engine rankings are achieved through a combination of on-page and off-page activities on an ongoing basis. On-page optimization refers to improvements in our top-rated financial services SEO company will make to your financial services website to help Google and other search engines recognize your website for the most important keywords for your business.

Examples of on-page activities include:

  • HTML code repair
  • Improve Internal Linking
  • Quote and Underline Keywords in content area.
  • Review of content on page with proximity and prominence factors.
  • Incorporate Title, Description and keywords to each important page.
  • Sitemap creation and submission (ROR, XML, TXT)
  • Check for broken links and repair them.
  • Web page and Image Optimization
  • Meta Tags analysis and Keyword density
  • Integrate client feedback and reviews form on website, etc.
On-Page Search Engine Optimization

Off-Page Optimization

Off-page optimization is how our NYC SEO company will improve the authority of your website through external activities to help Google and other search engines recognize your site as high quality and authoritative.
Off-Page Search Engine Optimization

Examples of off-page optimization activities include:

  • Local Submission
  • Business Listings
  • Search Engine submissions
  • Directory Submissions
  • Article submissions
  • Blog post submissions
  • Press release submissions
  • Link building – one way, two way, three way
  • Creation and Submission of RSS Feeds
  • Bookmarking and tagging
  • Create profile pages

SEO Analytics and Measurement

We use Google Analytics for monitoring website traffic and ranking position for our financial services SEO activities.

Google Analytics can track anything from referring source and referring keyword through lead conversion. Using Google Analytics we can determine the following:

  • Total number of unique visitors to the website
  • The number of enquiries or leads generated by our activities
  • Referring source for site visitors along with keyword identification
  • User demographics
  • Goal setting and tracking drilling down to conversion ratio.
  • Average page views per unique user
  • Cost Per Click against organic search generated visitor conversions

We evaluate conversion ratios and SEO effectiveness using these metrics:

  • Total number of inquiries and inbound emails originating from organic search
  • Total number of unique visitors generated through organic search
SEO Analytics and Measurement

SEO For Financial Advisors – Why Does it Matter?

82% of business owners see SEO as a more effective way to advertise. Why? Because it’s organic and people trust organic search results more than advertising.

Each SEO campaign requires a strategic approach to setup and optimization, but once you’ve reached optimal rankings you’re getting more leads to your practice on a daily basis. Can paid ads give you the same results? Not without paying several dollars or more for each click.

How is SEO for Financial Advisors Different from Traditional Marketing?

Financial Advisors need their services to show up on Google for local searches. Things like “investment advisor in Brooklyn,” or “financial planner in Bethesda.”

To rank for service-related searches, you need help from an experienced team who know how to do SEO for Financial Services websites. Traditional marketing relies on “let the customer come to you” and is very hard to measure.

SEO helps put your business in front of your prospective clients when they are looking for the services you offer and the path from Website visit to lead to initial consultation can be accurately and reliably measured with available online tools.

In addition, Financial Advisors have special self-regulatory requirements, like advertising approvals, books and records maintenance requirements and social media limitations that do not apply in other industries.

State securities laws and FINRA require securities firms to supervise, record, and maintain records of all employees’ business communications — including those disseminated via social media. Firms may not establish a link to any third-party links or data feeds that the firm knows contains false or misleading content.

Wouldn’t be nice to find an SEO company that knows all this?


5 Tips for Your Financial Services SEO Strategy

Improve your insurance SEO with a straightforward, strategic process.

  • Add Relevant Keywords
  • You have to determine the keywords you need to rank for, but how? Start by thinking about your main services and then determine what subtopics people might be looking for answers to. If you are a financial services professional trying to rank in a competitive market like San Francisco, your keywords might be “financial planner san francisco” and some related keywords might be “san francisco investment advisor,” or “cfp in san francisco”. Long-tail keywords could also be used for expanding content and optimizing your blog with questions and answers to common queries like “how much does it cost to retire in San Francisco?” or “how much does a whole life insurance policy cost?”

  • Optimize for Local Searches
  • Think local first. Optimizing for your location means getting your Google My Business listing to the top of the Google Map Pack, and financial services SEO means getting your website to the top of “Financial Advisors in [CITY NAME].”

  • Start Blogging
  • Blogging allows you to accrue authority and rankings by displaying your knowledge on a variety of financial services topics. You’ll be able to rank for additional keywords and long-tail keywords that will get more visitors to your website leading to more appointments. Companies that blog get 55% more website visitors and 97% more links to their websites than businesses that don't.

  • Earn High Quality Back Links
  • Create high-quality content that gets shared and reposted. This will result in your website getting backlinks, which are a valuable ranking signal for Google. Backlinks are a vote of confidence in the eyes of Google. They are important when building a brand and getting new pages to rank faster.

  • Optimize Your Profile on Google My Business
  • Keeping up with your Google My Business profile will provide immediate benefit for your financial services firm brand. Adding photos, videos, a well-written business description, and gaining reviews on professional review sites are critically important for achieving higher Google map rankings.

The Importance of Local SEO for Financial Advisors

According to Search Engine Watch, 90% of Internet users choose a business on the first page of search results. Financial Advisors SEO marketing has never been more vital as a way to book more consultations with qualified clients and take your financial services practice to the next level. Social media marketing is great when it comes to referral traffic and increasing your overall brand footprint, but search engine optimization is the fuel that powers your marketing engine, especially on the local level.

Local SEO requires more than verifying a Google Maps listing and calling it a day. You need to have a review generation strategy in place so you can acquire positive reviews on financial services review sites, and remain at the top of Google’s local Map Pack.

Online reviews are more important than ever, and no one understanding Online Reputation Management better than Reputation Rhino. Even if some people are not beginning their journey to find an advisor online, and instead get a referral from a friend, family member or another financial services professional, but what do you think they do after they get the referral? They check Google.

Choose Reputation Rhino as the Best Financial Advisor SEO Company to Increase Your Revenue

Landing on Page 1 for the keywords that matter may seem impossible, but it’s a lot easier when you have an experienced financial services SEO company on your side. Increasing your search rankings will increase revenue for your financial services practice.

Before we start implementing a new project for a new financial services SEO client we need to first understand your current performance and the gap between your business and your top competitors.

Until we’ve completed this SEO audit, it’s not possible to understand exactly what work is needed and what level of investment is required to see SEO results. What the audit gives us is a roadmap of our Financial services SEO strategy, helping inform exactly what we need to focus on to increase the amount of leads you generate online.

By using detailed analytics and goal tracking, you’ll be able to measure the effectiveness of your SEO campaign on a daily basis. You will see more phone calls increase, more web leads and more appointment bookings as your local rankings improve.

Contact us today to learn more about Reputation Rhino and our affordable Financial services SEO services designed to increase leads, grow your revenue and outrank your competitors.

FAQs for Financial Advisors SEO

What is Financial Advisor SEO?

Financial Advisor SEO is the process of ranking a financial services professionally locally in Google. Your goal should be to rank for “near me” searches as well as “Financial Advisors in [city name]” or “Investment advisors in [city name]”.

Is “SEO for Financial Advisors” still important?

SEO for Financial Advisors is very important. Referrals and word of mouth used to be the way to build a financial services practice, but not anymore, although emails and event sponsorship remain powerful marketing tools, Google is the largest single referral source for investment advisors.
Millennials are more likely to look online before asking their own parents for advice when making investment decisions — including the decision of choosing a financial advisor, and these are future clients – individuals who will be inheriting the largest transfer of wealth in history.

People are searching for financial services every day, and you want to show up on Page 1 in your local market. SEO involves on-page improvements, backlink acquisition, blog posting, and Google My Business optimization, among many other ranking factors, and as more and more clients look to Google first every financial services firm needs to allocate a portion of their marketing budget to building a strong online brand identity.

What are the benefits of SEO for Financial Advisors?

When your website ranks higher on Google, more people will see your practice. Most prospective client searches begin and end on Page 1, and if you can get to Page 1 by adopting the best financial services professional SEO strategies you will receive more phone calls, email inquiries and book more consultations from qualified clients.

How much does SEO cost for Financial Advisors?

The cost of SEO services for Financial Advisors depend on a number of factors. There is no one size fits all for SEO and “affordable SEO services” that find their way to your inbox every day often means cheap, low-quality, outsourced work.

If you are in a particularly competitive local market for Financial Advisors (and most local markets are extremely competitive), the ranking process will take more time and require more content and backlinks – and this will mean you will need a higher budget to rank on Page 1. However, there are a variety of strategies we have perfected over the years to make your financial services professional SEO strategy cost-effective and focused on delivery as massive ROI. To find out more, contact us today!

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