Plan and profit from your online marketing by leveraging Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest and Instagram to better connect with clients and customers. We know how to build “buzz” around your company and get people talking.

Let us grow your brand online by designing a social media strategy for your company or managing social media for your business. We customize our social media services for your budget by focusing on sites that can deliver the highest return and generate the strongest community interest.

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Social Media Management

How Does Social Media Management Work?

We post updates daily, promoting user engagement, responding to messages and growing fans and followers. Social media is not a one way conversation, it is about engaging with your audience online. Our social media marketing team can build associations and connections in your business area, joining groups and participating in group discussions on topics of interest and share your blog posts, timely news articles and relevant content with your audience every day.

Monthly Reporting and Metrics

We provide a monthly report with social media marketing performance metrics so you can measure the success of your social media campaign.

Facebook Social Media Management

Facebook Social Media Management

At 2.2 billion, Facebook has more monthly active users than Twitter (336 million) and Instagram (1 billion)—combined. Facebook continues to reign in popularity over other social media channels. Even more importantly, 7 out of 10 consumers are more likely to use a local business if it has information available on a social media site.

We will manage your Facebook Business account, posting updates daily, promoting user engagement, responding to messages and growing fans and followers

We include Facebook ad management (up to $1500/mo.) at no extra charge.

Instagram Social Media Management

Instagram is a highly engaged global community with more than one billion active accounts. People come to Instagram for visual inspiration and the simple design allows captivating visuals to take center stage. Advertising on Instagram has the power to move people — inspiring them to see a brand or business differently or take action.

We will manage your Instagram page, posting updates daily, promoting engagement, responding to messages and improving visibility.

We include Instagram ad management (up to $1500/mo.) at no extra charge.

It is very difficult to build an Instagram audience without some allocation to advertising because Instagram limits the reach of images not supported by ads.

Instagram Social Media Management
Pinterest Social Media Management

Pinterest Social Media Management

Pinterest is a social network that allows users to visually share, and discover new interests by 'pinning' on images or videos to their own or others' boards and browsing what other users have pinned. With a combination of great demographics (predominantly higher-income female audience) and highly visible and shareable content, Pinterest is a powerful branding opportunity for any visually-oriented business.

87% of Pinners have made a purchase after seeing a product they liked on the platform.

We will create and manage your Pinterest page, posting updates daily, promoting engagement, responding to messages and improving visibility.

Twitter Social Media Management

With over 68 million users in the U.S., Twitter is a powerful platform to improve brand awareness and expand your reach to connect with new and existing clients.

We will manage your Twitter for Business page, posting updates daily, promoting engagement, responding to messages and improving visibility for the firm.

Twitter Social Media Management
LinkedIn Social Media Management

LinkedIn Social Media Management

LinkedIn is the most important professional networking site with 260 million users in the United States. 51% of employed workers are either actively seeking or open to a new job, so LinkedIn is the perfect place to attract active and passive candidates and highlight your company to corporate clients.

We will manage your LinkedIn Business page, posting updates daily, promoting engagement, responding to messages, joining and participating in groups and growing visibility for the firm.

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FAQs for Social Media Management

What is social media management?

Social media management involves the planning and execution of your social media strategy. It includes the posting and promotion of content, social engagement, marketing, and the generation of traffic, leads, and sales. It also involves the examination of metrics and fine-tuning the social media strategy. More indirectly, social media management is the raising of brand awareness through social media channels, as well as the management of an individual or business’s online reputation.

What does a social media manager do?

A social media manager becomes the voice of an individual, business, or brand on social media. Responsibilities include the creation and/or sharing of content and campaigns, engagement of followers, promotion, public relations, and even lead conversion. A social media manager’s goal is to increase traffic, boost engagement, and raise their client’s online profile. They are also directly responsible for building a community, or a tribe, around their client.

Why is social media management important?

There are 3.5 billion worldwide social media users, making social media management a critical element for developing awareness and interest. Most professionals do not have the time or the skills to manage follower engagement or to promote, market, and advertise. They might also struggle to analyze metrics and devise a social media strategy that will create buzz. 78% of social media users say that a company’s social media posts influence their purchasing decisions. A well-managed social media presence will build trust and provide social proof to others, critical to success online.

What is the best social media management tool?

Hootsuite, SproutSocial, Buffer, and Tailwind are among the most popular social media software solutions in the world. But online social media management tools will fall short of your expectations unless there’s a professional who’s monitoring metrics and adjusting your overall strategy and tactics. An expert social media manager will prove to be the best social media management tool available. That’s because only a human can conduct authentic research into the humans who will ultimately become your followers. A professional social media manager will take the time to study your audience’s psychology, speak with a language that moves them, and engage fans and followers to build trust.

How do I choose the best social media management company?

Hire a social media management company that can demonstrate its ability to grow an audience through atypical engagement. That means they join social media groups, share videos, and other unique content and have real conversations in media build trust and bolster your reputation. Choose a company that will provide monthly reports that prove growth. Ask for data to support whether they are tapping the full potential of the world’s 3.5 billion social media users, including the 11 new users who sign up every second. And finally, choose a social media management company that is experienced in all the major platforms that are relevant to you or your brand: Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Twitter, TikTok, and YouTube.

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