12 Powerful Pinterest SEO Tips That Actually Work

“The future of search will be all about pictures, not keywords”

– Harriet Taylor,Pinterest CEO

Pinterest SEO Tips

Pinterest is one of the supreme sources of social revenue for companies. It is one of the third largest social networks in the United States. With the rise of visual search, Pinterest is changing the search marketing landscape. It is becoming a predominant network for all companies. Almost every type of business can avail the benefits of using Pinterest’s e-commerce platform.

Product-oriented businesses can make the most from shopping ads, product pins. Recent advancements and technology bring convenience. It represents a huge exhilarating opportunity for e-commerce retailers.

Pinterest has rolled out with a startling search function. It aims to match the search queries to images. It is a social network for sharing recipe ideas, home decor ideas, and many more. If your Pinterest content is not optimized for pinner’s searches, you are missing out.

Want to implement Pinterest SEO as your social media strategy? We’ve got the top 12 tips on how to use them right here.

Pinterest is a self-contained visual search engine. Pinterest SEO is all about setting your business Pinterest page and attracting your customers. It pulls up high-spirited, vibrant images with keyword-rich descriptions of infographics and products.

1. Get started with the basics.

Set yourself up for success. Before we hop into thrilling aspects of Pinterest SEO, you must ensure to perform the following aspects.

Create a business account. The Pinterest account is free. It offers valuable insights into Pinterest analytics and Pinterest Ads Manager. Pinterest offers step-by-step instructions to convert to a professional account.

You can choose an SEO-friendly username. The next step is to claim a business website on Pinterest. Optimize your profile with relevant details and a captivating company logo. Write a winsome company description.

To get started, create at least one board. Write something that captures your brand’s essence. Wondering if you should sign up for Pinterest?

It helps to spot merging trends. When you create a Pinterest business account, you get access to various features.

  • A header full of your branded pins
  • Various analytics and insights
  • Increase in brand authority
  • Legitimate and authorized online presence
  • Rich pins driving website traffic.

2. Prepare your website

Take more data from your website to feed more targeted Pinterest campaigns. Add the Pinterest tag. It is a predominant part of getting paid or organic campaigns. It will help to segment the audience and setting up conversion events. Create and pin quality engagement content.

Craft the perfect bio. It is a good idea to draft a bio that explains your offerings. Highlight the relevant keywords that people might search on Pinterest. Include a call-to-action to your bio. IT will enhance activity and engagement.

Pinterest SEO looks for quality content. The Pinterest algorithm would analyze your content. It will help you organically attract your niche. You can come up with intriguing blogs, images, infographics, e-books. Create an eye-catching piece of content/visuals with various software.

Having a verified website on the platform avails more metrics in your Pinterest analytics. It will help you appear as a legitimate website with a good online presence. It will help you drive more organic traffic to your site. Being a verified merchant on Pinterest will enhance sales.

3. Set conversion goals

Pinterest is an effective lead generation tool. Set appropriate goals that fit your Pinterest strategies. Determine whether your target audience uses Pinterest to search your content. Use Pinterest tags to set up conversion events.

You can use a different campaign objective as well. You can set up a conversion campaign in Ads Manager. You can select conversions for your campaign objective. You can fill the content optimization field with various things. It can be Pinterest tags, conversion window, and target CPA. Use creative and ingenious content on your site.

Choose the content that aids your lead generation efforts in the campaign. You can analyze various metrics like impressions, traffic numbers, and repins.

To achieve conversions, you can rely on Pinterest algorithms to find relevant users. With Pinterest optimization, advertisers can choose conversions as campaign objectives. Conversion campaigns shown to potential consumers are beneficial.

4. Conduct keyword research

There are various free keyword planning tools that help to find keywords related to your subject matter. You will be able to determine the phrases with high search volume and low competition. Though these searches don’t relate to Pinterest, it determines what the market is looking for. Google searches deliver traffic to Pinterest. It might drive you to some external traffic if you provide good content which stands out from others.

Focus on long-keywords that have a high search volume. It will help you drive organic traffic to the website. You can use the guided search on Pinterest. It will help you narrow down and focus on your effective and relevant results. There are various indicators that are pretty helpful with the most popular search queries.

You can test out promoted pins. It runs on a cost-per-click basis. You can track and adjust the running of the campaigns as well. It will draw your attention to a unique pin/feature/ promotional article. You can perform a split test (A/B testing) with promoted pins for a specific contest.

You can track the number of impressions, clicks, repins, click-through rate, and total spending as well. You can explore your niche topics and gain more exposure for your website.

5. Follow other accounts for visibility.

Thanks to a huge Pinterest user base, you can build a huge following. Your following list is a strong indicator of Pinterest. It will determine here will you appear in the user’s suggested boards or profiles. Connecting with high-traffic accounts will boost your pins multifold. First, it will help you build credibility and authority in your niche.

Second, it will enhance rapid growth in website traffic and lead to increased income. Following accounts similar to yours proves to be an added advantage. Your pins will appear in follower’s suggested pin recommendations. Be active and engage on Pinterest. Outsmart the smart feed to sweep more followers to your account.

Pin other people’s pins manually. Your pinning and repinning activities are other effective tactics to engage with Pinterest. Start using Pinterest sections. It helps you organize your pins in a way that appeals to or resonates with your audience.

6. Publish video pins

Set video pins up for your success. Video pins allow you to share your brand story and appeal to your audience. Pinterest is all about visuals. It is a great idea to publish original, high-quality content that stops scrollers right away. You can show the most popular products with intriguing text. It is a golden rule of videos to capture the viewer’s attention breathtakingly.

You can add text overlay to your video pins. It helps your pins to stand out and enhance the overall message. They are amazing for your SEO strategy. Video pins do list at the top of Pinterest mobile search results. Keep it short and captivating. You can make good videos with various tools like Canva or Movavi.  It helps to produce amazing and engaging content pieces.

You can choose from various video templates with easy drag and drop tools. You can opt for the auto-suggest tagging feature to improve the discoverability of your pins. Try creating pin-mini-series with interesting layouts to engage with your audience.

7. Organize and optimize boards

Pinterest boards are another way to boost discoverability on the platform. It is a great opportunity to tell the Pinterest search engine how you categorize your products. It will show up in the search results of Pinterest. So make your board names SEO-friendly. Use strategic keywords as they have an impact on your board’s SEO. Make your titles super clear and images eye-catching. You can add high-quality pins to the boards.

Keyword optimization and boards play a pivotal role in SEO and engagement. You can add high-quality pins to your boards to gain popularity. You can write detailed board descriptions that coordinate with your brand.

8. Use rich pins

Creating the perfect pin requires technical know-how and various industry trends. Using rich pins is essential for e-commerce companies. The pin structure, fonts, sizes, and images should stay on top of your game.

Using product pins will enable article-rich pins. It will update your posts automatically. Create pins with optimal ratios.

Using an optimal ratio will enable your pins to display fully on search results. Aim for long images with optimal pin size 1000px by 1500px. Use best practices when formatting images for pins. Use eye-catching colours.

Use high contrast colours to catch the viewer’s attention and have a competitive edge, among others. Include enticing, keyword-rich titles. Make it more descriptive to increase visibility to your Pinterest feed.

9. Research and write strategic pin titles and descriptions.

Keep your pin titles simple, compelling and relevant. It will help you increase your community, enhance reach and search results. Use the optimized keywords in your pin titles. Include relevant keywords, hashtags, and brand names that enhance visibility.

You can get ideas from Pinterest’s built-in keyword research tool. These recommended keywords have high search popularity. Good Pinterest descriptions drive more engagement, traffic, and reach. Pin description can include relevant keywords, brand names in the first line of the description.

In addition, you can include relevant call-to-action with natural sentence structure. Use pin descriptions to create brand awareness, enhance sales.

10. Optimize for visual search

Pinterest market technology is the market leader in visual search. Visual search engines like Pinterest are gaining exponential growth. It has come up with primary visual technologies. It enables the user to zoom in on specific objects within Pinterest pins.

The next feature used is the Pinterest lens. It enables consumers to start a search by pointing their smartphone camera at an object. The viewers can start performing the search function of various complementary products as well.

The lens is a fascinating technology that upskilled the understanding of viewers. It is important to optimize images for e-commerce companies. It is because 80% of consumers get influenced by product photos and initiate purchase action.

11. Try your hands at Pinterest ads.

Pinterest is great for driving organic traffic and has various promotional capacities as well. It offers a variety of ad formats to choose from. Choose the relevant target that fits the campaign strategy. Targeting is the main component of Pinterest ads.

Pinterest users who interact with your brand pins tend to become your target for social media campaigns. So choose the right audience and right creatives. Various pins which attract users can be useful in determining the Pinterest ad creatives. Make sure the Pinterest tag is properly inserted.

Advertise high-quality content with proper keyword integration. Show your brand logo in the creatives so that ads can be well associated with your brand. You can choose various ad formats that appeal to your brand.

12. Other Pinterest things you can do

There are exciting things you can do to maximize your efforts. First, you can categorize your boards. It will make it easier for Pinterest users to find your pins. It will result in increased engagement. It will enhance your loyal follower’s list as well. Next, you can find popular group boards. It will help in enhancing your community.

You can add your logo on the bottom of your images. It will boost your brand recognition. It will draw organic traffic and enhance engagement as well. All these ideas will boost your Pinterest branding. These Pinterest brand marketing ideas will enhance your conversions. 


There are various time-saving Pinterest tools that enhance image building. It is one of the greatest benefits which drives a massive amount of traffic to the site. In addition, these tools expand your reach and brand authority.

1. Tailwind

It is a Pinterest management tool with some neat analytics options. It helps in analyzing your competitors, resharing, Pinterest scheduling, and influential followers. It is an all-in-one tool. It helps companies with content discovery, pins scheduling, and analytics. It enables bulk scheduling to publish pins. It increases engagement, reaches, and website traffic.

SmartLoop feature enables resharing of top-performing pins to drive more traffic.

2. Social pilot

It is a useful Pinterest scheduling and automation tool. It helps to drive more traffic, engagement and grow your followers on Pinterest. The scheduling tool enables sharing pins on your Pinterest boards. It helps to create your images.

Video and GIF pin scheduling helps in engaging visual learners. It enables Pinterest analytics and engagement tracking. It is widely used for social media content scheduling, publishing, analytics, and collaborations.

3. Pinvolve

It is a tool to enhance your community reach. It enables converting Facebook photos into pins from your Pinterest boards to the Facebook page. It is a great application that increases the visibility of your pins to Facebook’s audience.

Resharing pins on Pinterest from Facebook is also a unique option. The most beneficial feature results from integrating both the social media networks. It helps in driving more traffic and engagement.

4. Pingroupie

This Pinterest tool helps to find relevant Pinterest boards with ease. It provides a variety of filters to users. It enables them to choose the exact type of boards they are looking for. It is highly integrated like other tools. It helps in driving more engagement and traffic to the site. It is one of the advanced tools that help discover group boards that fit your requirements the best.

5. Picktochart

It is a useful Pinterest tool that has excellent features. It enables users to create fascinating infographics. It enhances the growth of Pinterest followers, engagement, and traffic. It is a user-friendly tool that offers various template options. It has amazing drag and drops features as well.

Pinterest is a pivotal platform for many e-commerce companies. It has certain incredible features which drive massive traffic to sites. Hope these tips will help you rank better and perform effective SEO. Have we missed out any important points? Do let us know. 

Pinterest SEO FAQs

1. Can Pinterest improve my website SEO?

It is a powerful and efficient tool to promote your business. It is one of the most popular social media networks. It is known for its high conversion rate. It is a great addition to social media strategies. It comprises various tools which help in increasing brand authority, engagement, and website traffic.

One of the best ways to do this is to utilize Pinterest by pinning images and links. In addition, it is an incredibly useful tool for keyword research.

2. How effective is Pinterest is for SEO marketing?

Pinterest, the picture-focused social media website, is extremely useful for SEO strategies. It enables brands to target products towards customers specifically.

Pinterest can affect Google rankings. The more likes and pins you receive will give you a wide exposure towards various users, backlinks. Over time, this will increase your actual traffic and enhance the SEO strategy. Various tools help in optimization, which enhances engagement and traffic.

3. Why are Pinterest keyword descriptions important for SEO?

They are extremely vital to ensure optimized content. It helps in increasing website traffic by optimizing pins to increase search rank. Using relevant keywords and hashtags will enhance visibility. It is important to conduct effective keyword research to increase search results.

Focusing on keyword descriptions will narrow down potential search feeds or segments and monetize strategies accordingly.

4. How to apply Pinterest SEO?

It is one of the fastest-growing social media platforms. Four basic factors affect Pinterest SEO. It includes pin quality, topic relevance, keyword research, and domain authority. Creative content helps to rank better and affects your SEO as well.

To improve quality, try to avoid irrelevant content. Post consistently to improve your SEO. Make sure you have enabled rich pins for your Pinterest account. It is essential to optimize your e-commerce site for Pinterest SEO.

5. How do you optimize Pinterest for SEO?

You can include target keywords or phrases in the pin’s title. Include keyword-optimized hashtags as well. Use rich pins and write thoughtful pin descriptions.

Use them in an optimal ratio to gain effective results. Create fresh content from your website to enhance traffic and search results. These are some tips to optimize Pinterest for effective SEO.

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