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Reputation Rhino’s knowledgeable and passionate team of experts are ready to apply their best online management strategies to improve your practice's online reputation. Our services include…

Monitor and manage reviews
Address negative reviews
Suppression or removal of negative content
Generation of positive PR for your Practice
Social media management
Positive branding and utilization of reputation marketing strategies
Patient outreach campaigns for further generation of positive reviews
Content marketing

Why Does My Dental Practice Need Online Reputation Management?

A number of factors are changing the ways dentists attract new customers, and trust is at the core of it all. Post-pandemic, new patients want to know that their dental practice is taking necessary health and safety precautions and putting patient safety first. They want to know that their pain will be effectively managed, and they need to feel confident that their insurance will cover all or most of the charges. Making it critical to not only be able to find your practice online in the first place, but also making sure that you have a positive brand image and positive reviews at the forefront.

Online reputation management for dental practices includes…

  • Generate positive press, reviews and content to boost organic search results
  • Monitor and manage reviews
  • Suppress negative content

When your dental practice has a superb online reputation, it will make a great first impression with future patients and employees. You will build trust — which is crucial in the healthcare profession. You will book more appointments, and have more opportunities to impress and create word-of-mouth advertising.


of patients checked online reviews before choosing their dentist and after reading reviews with positive feedback.


of adults experience dental phobias and anxiety. Many have had bad experiences in the past and are specifically looking for dentists with stellar reviews.  


of consumers conducted an internet search before scheduling an appointment with a dentist.


of these consumers used online reviews when evaluating potential providers.

Create Satisfied Patients that consistently seek your care with Online Reputation and Social Media Management!

Our online reputation and social media management experts understand what to post, when to post, whom to target, and why it is so important to create a branded voice for your dental practice. We’re masters at managing reviews for dental practices and social media marketing. 

Our strategies in online reputation management will help you build trust–a crucial component of the healthcare industry.

Taking the time to work on your online reputation and put your best foot forward can help you rank higher in search results while creating a positive image for your practice, resulting in more calls, more leads, and appointments booked. 



How Can Effectively Utilizing Social Media Help My Practice?

In a study that included 400 random dental patients, 95% of whom were social media users, found that a dentist’s presence on social media helped them feel informed. When you can’t find a dentist on social media, it detracts from social proof–which is crucial to the development of trust that dentists rely upon.

Dental practices are finding that social media helps them:

  • Advise the public about any changes and improvements in the practice
  • Highlight new technologies and their benefits
  • Introduce and showcase professionals within the business
  • Share tips for improving dental health
  • Communicate with a large audience on short notice

All of these things contribute to relationship-building and creating an online reputation that will assist in the growth of your dental practice.

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3 Ways to Run Successful Online Management for Dental Practices

You Clean Up Teeth, We Clean Up Online Reputations

1. An Outstanding Combination of Approaches

We use a variety of marketing strategies to promote and protect your practice's online image. Our experts can also help you with search engine optimization (SEO) efforts so that people can find your practice quickly when they’re searching the web.

2. Highlighting What Makes Your Practice Unique

We work to shape your online image to the way you want it by highlighting your practice’s technologies, staff, resources, incentives, etc. while emphasizing its remarkable achievements.


3. Consistent Generation of Positive Content

Hiding the negative press and bad reviews isn’t only what we do. Our online reputation management services aim to build a positive, professional image for your practice through generation of content that is both creative or newsworthy but also includes words related positively towards you as an individual practicing within this field!

Be The Trusted Dental Practitioner Your Patients Desperately Need

When you use online reputation management strategies to your advantage, you’ll have patient referrals coming through left and right and your appointment slots filled! In today’s digital age, online search and reviews are the new word-of-mouth advertising–what people say about you online matters–maybe even more than what they say face-to-face. 

Social media and the Internet play a critical role for dentists who are looking to grow their practice and attract new patients. More people trust Google results than recommendations from family or friends.

A recent study by Dental Economics uncovered some interesting patient behavior as they searched for a new dentist. The first place most of them went was Facebook. After that, they conducted Google searches for “dentist near…,” “cosmetic dentistry…,” “dentist,” “dentist near me”…

But there’s something as important as being found online. That is having a powerful, positive online reputation when your dental practice is discovered. According to a recent Online Dentist Reviews Survey, conducted by DentaVox, 86% of patients checked online reviews before choosing their dentist and after reading reviews with positive feedback 60% visit the dental practice.

That’s because more than 75% of adults experience dental phobias and anxiety. Many have had bad experiences in the past, and are looking specifically for dentists with great reviews.

Choose Reputation Rhino As The Best Reputation Management Company For Your Dental Practice

Amassing more positive reviews will increase your dental practice’s chances of being found in local internet searches. It will also improve reactions and clicks when those results load. That means more new patients, more word-of-mouth advertising, and more referral for a growing practice.

Of course, all this may seem impossible, especially if you’re battling a stack of negative reviews already, but it’s a lot easier when you have an experienced Reputation Management company on your side

Reputation Rhino is here to help you build your book of patients, strengthen your online presence, and promote a lasting, positive experience that will keep them coming back year after year. 

Are You Ready To Blow Past Your Competition and Put Your Dental Practice At the Top of Page 1 On Google?

Reputation Rhino is a New York Reputation Management and SEO company that will help you increase targeted trafficachieve top rankings on relevant keywords, increase calls and generate leads

Reputation Rhino's team of award-winning reputation management experts will help establish and maintain a positive branding of your dental practice, help you gain an engaged following on social media, and produce more patients who will fuel your bottom line! 

With our proven methods and customized strategies in review management, social media management, and content marketing, combined with our SEO tactics you’ll be able to:

  • Build brand awareness and recognition for your dental practice
  • Generate positive media coverage that is optimized for search engines
  • Amass a collection of positive online reviews and promote them
  • Decrease the visibility of negative reviews and minimize their impact

Yes! I want a sparkling, shiny online reputation!

Reputation Rhino's Team of Award-Winning Online Reputation Management Experts will help you stay relevant and interesting to your targeted audience, promote a positive online image, and produce more top-notch patients and bookings for your dental practice.

Your information will always be safe with us. Clicking this button will open a box to input contact information details.

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