What You Never Want Google To Do For You

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Are you leaving your online reputation defenseless?

Living in today’s interactive age of information, Google is a coveted resource with which we interact daily. There’s a sense of pride and satisfaction that comes with running your life and business well, and garnering the endorsement of the world’s largest leading search engine as social proof.

But one thing you never want Google to do for you is allow social proof to be used against you.
The fact that Google has the power to showcase a negative review, unflattering content or any number of potentially devastating misrepresentations of your brand can be unnerving. But thankfully your risk of doing business with Google can be largely mitigated when armored with the right strategy to protect your online reputation.

In this post we explore why it’s critical to do business with Google in a manner that prospers us, and also why it is crucial to shield ourselves from the unstoppable engine’s innate power and destructive potential it possesses as the world’s leading source of information.

We’ll show you how you can maintain better control of your online presence and why it matters.

Why a healthy online reputation far outweighs a top Google search ranking…

19th century politician and showman, P.T. Barnum coined the phrase “There’s no such thing as bad publicity.” While that sentiment may have held some truth for Mr. Barnum and those of his time, it is yet another example of how misleading and inaccurate information can spread like wildfire. Bad PR is that powerful, and like a wildfire…it can also be catastrophic.

Is it possible to rebuild your brand and business after an unfortunate event? Of course. People love a good Hero’s Journey story-especially one involving a scandal. But have you ever stopped to consider what it must have taken in order to make that happen? Behind every high profile scandal cleanup mission there is a skilled team taking tactical measures to mitigate the damage. This is why hiring a solid online reputation management team to help you craft the perfect re-entry as the “comeback kid” is so vital.

But we would be remiss if we didn’t warn you that particular strategy, the reactive type, does include a battle. A battle that we at Reputation Rhino, the world’s foremost online reputation management firm, are most equipped to handle.

But the real question is…are you?

Why should Google hold the power to determine your fate?

This is the right question to be asking yourself. How much power are you willing to hand over to a company that has no vested interest in your protection?

We invite you to take a moment to imagine the internet like a courtroom. Court is in-session 24/7 and Google is presiding. There is a revolving door of witnesses called forth to share their testimonies at will about the way you conduct yourself in your life and business. Yes, in this particular thought experiment, you are the one on trial. Now we want you to consider thoughtfully that the statements made may or may not be aligned with your brand mission and message, and that’s ultimately for the jury (the public) to decide. But allow us to turn your attention to the chilling reality that all claims made about you and your business are not only highly visible…but also highly unregulated.

In other words, no one is under oath.

Frightening as this reality may be to accept, we know firsthand what a single damaging claim can do to a business. It is unfortunate to see how many businesses choose to forego proper representation until that “oh shoot” moment when they come under fire. We have countless clients who have chosen that route only to regret not hiring us sooner to keep them out of the negative spotlight altogether.
So while Google holds the power to be your greatest ally in life and business, you should never allow them to be CEO of your online reputation.

So who should be in command of monitoring and protecting your online reputation?

Ultimately you make the most important decisions for your business each and every day. And deciding who to partner with in maintaining the health and vitality of your online presence is not one to be taken lightly.
Reputation Rhino’s team of experts in online reputation management are extremely versed in helping brands control, repair, and maintain the information available to Google and other search engines regarding your business.

Tools like keyword identification, content optimization, PR, online reputation monitoring and reporting, and audits, are just a few of what the team at Reputation Rhino is able to use to build and protect your reputation from damages that could risk your business’s success.
Just as you would any other position for hire within your company, you should always appoint the person(s) you can most trust to get the job done.

Then, you can rest assured that you’re taken care of; freeing up precious time, energy and resources to focus on your zone of genius and continued success.


One last word of advice…

The world moves fast. Don’t wait until you’re on the defense.
And whomever you choose to represent your online reputation, just be sure to be proactive by putting the right team in place ahead of time.

We want nothing more than to see you and your brand succeed by topping page 1 of Google results for only and all the right reasons.

And if you’re ready to take the next best step to insure your online reputation, book a free action plan call with Reputation Rhino today!

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