DISCOVER HOW Reputation Rhino Helped Transform a Wikipedia Page for a Luxury Retailer


Reputation Rhino was able to remove and reverse damaging edits and improve, update, and expand a Wikipedia page for a French luxury home goods retailer.

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Our client is a well-known French luxury home goods retailer with a market valuation of several hundred million dollars. Their elegant, handcrafted products are sought after by affluent customers around the world.

According to a recent Reputational Risk Readiness survey by WTW, which included luxury retailers, 83% of global senior executives said reputation was among their top five business risks. In today’s digital age, a company’s online reputation is more important than ever.

The war over the online reputation of high-profile individuals and brands is fought on the first page of Google. The battle increasingly occurs on Wikipedia, a free online encyclopedia where anyone can edit.

Wikipedia articles appear on the first page of 99% of all Google searches, frequently ranking at or among the first few results for high-profile individuals or brands. Google favors Wikipedia because the nearly seven million articles provide user-generated, crowd-sourced content that closely matches user search intent.

Wikipedia content not only ranks on the top of Page 1, but it also is the source material for Google's Knowledge Graph – a block of information appearing on the right-hand side of desktop searches and above smartphone search results.

Our client's Wikipedia page had been the subject of frequent vandalism by an editor intent on damaging the reputation of this venerable brand by citing several minor lawsuits and regulatory actions and referencing negative information about former executive officers and board members, resulting in a Wikipedia page that included false and misleading information.
Reputation Rhino was engaged to manage the Wikipedia page for our client and seek to remove, reverse, and improve the Wikipedia page.


Around the time of our engagement, our client was actively seeking a sale or merger of the company, among other strategic alternatives. Maintaining a positive online and offline reputation was an integral part of their overall marketing and communications strategy.

However, with nearly five billion monthly visitors, Wikipedia was making it impossible.


  • Review Existing Wikipedia Page and Identify Content Eligible for Revision or Removal

  • Expand the Company History Section to Minimize the Impact of Negative Content

  • Monitor the Wikipedia Page to Protect Edits and Prevent Negative Updates/Changes


Reputation Rhino worked directly with the client to draft a proposed update and revision to the existing Wikipedia page. 

The effort included research, drafting, coding, and submitting the updates to Wikipedia moderators for review and approval.

Reputation Rhino has a professional team of experienced Wikipedia writers focusing on readability and content structure with rigorous attention to detail, and we work directly with Wikipedia editors to ensure our edits meet the Website's exacting standards for acceptance and approval.



The proof is in the results. We were able to transform our client's Wikipedia page and maintain those results over time. We continue to monitor page changes for the client 24/7.
When the contributor tried to restore his damaging negative edits and add several more, we were ready. We showed a pattern and practice of biased editing, concentrating almost exclusively on our client's page.

We appealed to revert the changes, recommended blocking the user for conflict of interest, and petitioned to protect the Wikipedia page from further disruptive edits.

Our client now has a positive Wikipedia page showcasing their history by promoting their most newsworthy achievements, promoting their most successful product launches, and highlighting their talented executive team.

Our client's online reputation is stronger than ever.

Why Reputation Rhino?

Reputation Rhino is an award-winning online reputation management agency based in New York City. We have worked with some of the largest brands in the world and advised high-profile individual clients, including Hollywood celebrities, members of Congress, and C-suite-level business executives.

Our company has been featured in Bloomberg Businessweek, Newsweek, Time, Forbes, Fox Business, Huffington Post, U.S. News, International Business Times, and more. 

Reputation Rhino is led by an extraordinary team of experienced legal, marketing, technology, and public relations experts who customize an affordable and highly effective online reputation management strategy.

Reputation Rhino's award-winning strategies are designed to quickly eliminate the impact of damaging news articles, reviews, blog posts, forum comments, and other negative content while promoting a positive online image to anyone looking for you or your company online.

We look forward to working with you!

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