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Reputation Management Solutions That Will Improve Your Online Presence, Help Generate Positive Press and Suppress Negative Content

Reputation Rhino’s knowledgeable and passionate team of experts are ready to apply their best online management strategies to improve your school’s online reputation. Our online reputation services include…

Monitor and manage reviews
Address negative reviews
Suppression or removal of negative content
Generation of positive PR for your school
Social media management
Positive branding and utilization of reputation marketing strategies
Alumni and current student outreach for further generation of positive reviews
Content marketing

Why Does My Education Institution Need Online Reputation Management?

Competition among private schools, colleges, and universities is intense. Declining enrollment, rising costs, campus advocacy targeting racial and economic inequalities, reductions in fiscal support from state and federal sources, increased competition in online education in our post-COVID world –especially for graduate and certification programs– have added to the challenges colleges and universities already face to attract new students and engage alumni and donors.

Online reputation management for education includes…

  • Generate positive press, reviews and content to boost organic search results
  • Monitor and manage reviews
  • Suppress negative content

Online reputation management for education matters. Colleges and universities with negative reviews and low rankings are suffering. And those without active reputation management strategies aren’t far behind.


of 18-to-34-year-olds trust online reviews. This is your target demographic, and they are looking at your online reputation. What will they see when they search online?


of college hopefuls consult with rankings by companies like U.S. News, Niche, The Princeton Review, College Factual and Forbes before deciding where to apply.


of your target audience is using Facebook. If a search for your school on Facebook comes up empty, that’s a strike against it. Additionally, if your page isn’t offering useful, relevant, and branded content–or isn’t engaging with its followers–that’s another strike.

Position Your School as a Leader and Attract


Top Students with Online Reputation



Our online management solutions use a mix of social media management, strategies on how to beat the competition, and effective content monitoring while suppressing or removing negative content and promoting positive content. 

Attract students from your target demographic every single admissions period.

A school that takes the time to use Google to their advantage will see a major increase in new traffic, leads, and overall higher retention rates. Our services will position your school or university’s unique campus life, offerings, and overall value while positively impacting your admissions with an influx of top-notch students.


What Do People See When They
Google Your School?

Colleges and universities must manage their online reputation and messaging across a very diverse target audience, including: current and prospective undergraduate and graduate students, parents and family members of current and prospective students, current and prospective staff and faculty, alumni, and donors. Local, regional and national media and state and local political figures also impact the online reputation for colleges and universities and must be considered when developing an effective communications strategy.

Online reviews, mentions, recommendations all matter to prospective students, and their families, who are often helping to pay the bills.

 Reputation management for education involves a strategic combination of marketing, public relations, legal and search engine optimization (SEO) strategies to promote, protect and defend your school's online image.

  • Generate more reviews
  • Transform those reviews into marketing assets
  • Distribute positive reviews to online channels
  • Build trust with potential students and employees
  • Build trust on search engines

Our award-winning reputation management company offers every solution you need to grow your organic online reach to increase traffic and in turn, improve admission rates, student and faculty retention, and more.

Generate more reviews

Transform those reviews into marketing assets

Distribute positive reviews to online channels

Build trust with potential students and employees

Build trust on search engines

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How to grow and protect an excellent online reputation

4 Online Reputation Management Strategies for
Universities and Schools

Improve your Reputation with a straightforward, strategic process

To repair your online image, having a clear reputation management strategy in place is imperative. One that allows you to handle a negative review promptly by demonstrating the positive side of your brand for all to see. To fully understand online reputation management for education, it helps to envision it in action. For example, any negative online review about your university should be met with:  

1. Acknowledgement

Acknowledge the reviewer’s discomfort or dissatisfaction as quickly as possible, on the same forum where the criticism appeared

University Student

2. Appreciation

Next, thank the reviewer for their feedback and for sharing their experience. Show gratitude for this information, making it known that you will be using their input to improve your institution, customer service, business processes, etc.

3. Apology

Even if you don’t feel regretful, taking responsibility and expressing regret that someone is dissatisfied will go a long way in diffusing their anger and reducing the impact of the negative review.

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4. Action

Tell the reviewer how you intend to proceed, the changes you intend to make, or the solution you intend to find. Follow up with a reasonable outcome to resolve the issue.

Get expert help in repairing your school’s online reputation

How is Reputation Management for Education Different?

With more than 4,200 institutions of higher education in the U.S. alone, the competition is staggering. Your college or university is competing locally, regionally, and often nationally to the same demographic of potential students, faculty, and administrators.  

Private elementary, secondary, and high schools also exist in highly competitive environments. Not only are they working to prove to parents that as compared to public schools, the tuition and investment is worth it, they are competing against one another.

Over the past year, schools have seen a massive shift to online and hybrid learning. 

Reputation management for colleges, universities and private schools—at least for the foreseeable future—must reflect positive experiences in the digital and distance learning realms, as well as traditional in-class learning and campus life.

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Online Reputation Management For Colleges and Universities

Does a university’s rankings matter to prospective college students? Yes and no. It depends on what type of students you’re targeting. Those college rankings are created using some hard facts, like tuition and graduation rates. But there’s more–as much as 20% of your university’s ranking is based on reviews.

Not only are prospective students turning to online reviews when making their decision about college, but other platforms such as social media also play an integral role in their vetting process. People aged 18 to 29 are the largest demographic of social media users. Whether you’re targeting college-age students or the parents of young children, that’s your target market.

Online Reputation Management For Private Schools

 Private institutions make up 25% of the U.S.’s K-12 schools. And yet, they serve only 10% of all K-12 students. That leaves room for growth, and again, lots of competition. And what are private schools using to compete? Their reputation.

The top two reasons parents choose private schools are discipline and the learning environment. Private schools can advertise and highlight these benefits; however, online reviews from current and former students are what matter most to prospective families.

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Reputation Rhino's Approach to Reputation Management for Education

Monitoring is essential to effective online reputation management for education, but it is only the beginning of an effective online reputation management strategy.

A crucial component of online reputation management is the suppression of negative content and promotion of positive content – whether it is reviews, local or national news stories, blog and influencer posts, social media, or more–we know how private education, colleges, and universities gain greater control and influence. Our strategies are proven to boost rankings and gain attention.

An Outstanding Combination of Approaches

We use a melange of marketing, public relations, legal, and search engine optimization (SEO) strategies to promote, protect, and defend your educational institution’s online image and reputation.

Highlighting What Makes Your School Stand Out

We work to change your image in your favor by highlighting your institution’s strengths and to emphasize its remarkable achievements.

Building the Positivity

We don’t just bury the negative press and bad reviews. Our online reputation management services aim to build a positive reputation through generation of positive press, reviews, and content for education organizations.

Choose Reputation Rhino As The Best Online Reputation Management Company For Education

By suppressing negative content, managing online reviews, and emphasizing positive content about your educational facility, you can increase awareness of your brand and improve your image online to prospective students and their parents. Not only that, but with our proven methods you’ll reach the top results in search engines, increase leads, and retain more students, faculty, and staff alike with a positive reputation.

Are You Ready To Stand Out Against Your Competition?

Reputation Rhino is a New York online reputation management company that will help you generate positive press, monitor and manage reviews, manage your social media to engage prospective students, and set up key communication and support strategies to produce an image that your educational institution is proud of and furthermore, deserves. 

Reputation Rhino's Team of Award-Winning Online Reputation Management Experts will help you stay relevant and interesting to your targeted audience, promote a positive online image, and produce more top-notch applicants that drive your university’s bottom line.

With our proven online reputation management, you’ll be able to:

  • See an increase in high-quality student applicants
  • Assemble a tribe of loyal alumni, current students, and prospective students
  • Drive your bottom line with higher enrollment rates

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Reputation Rhino's Team of Award-Winning Online Reputation Management Experts will help you stay relevant and interesting to your targeted audience, promote a positive online image, and produce more top-notch students for your school.

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