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Your online reputation is a billboard for your practice.
Advertise its best features.

Create, Manage, and Grow An Online Reputation Packed With Positive Content That Attracts New Leads and Creates Loyal Clients For Your Law Practice

Reputation Rhino is led by an extraordinary team of experienced legal, marketing, technology, and public relations experts who can customize an affordable and highly effective online reputation management strategy designed to quickly eliminate the impact of damaging news articles, reviews, blog posts, forum comments, and other negative content and promote a positive online image to anyone looking for you or your law firm online.

Promote Positive Reviews
Suppress Negative Online Search Results
Increase Online Customer Awareness
Protect Your Brand's Online Reputation
Remove or Bury Fake or Negative Online Complaints
Defend Against Competitors’ Smear Campaigns
Influence Google Autocomplete Suggestions

Online reputation management is an essential element of the marketing strategy for every successful business.

This is how your potential clients discover, evaluate, and develop trust in your law firm...

“You never get a second chance to make a first impression.”

This idea is the essence of reputation managementwhether you are an individual or a multinational corporation

Word of mouth and referral marketing was once the primary way to win new client business. Consumers are increasingly looking online to find an attorney or answer a complex legal question

Your first impression with your next client will likely happen online.

88 percent of legal consumers consider an attorney’s “reputation” one of the top two hiring factor

Your online reputation is a billboard for your law practice. Advertise its best features.


of legal consumers consider an attorney’s online reputation as one of their top hiring factors.


of consumers start their search for an attorney by reading online reviews


will trust online reviews about your practice just as much as a personal recommendation


What Do People See When They Google You or Your Law Firm?

Online reputation management involves a strategic combination of marketing, public relations, legal and search engine optimization (SEO) strategies to promote, protect and defend your online image or business reputation.

Establish Trust and Authority

Attract New Clients and Customers

Maintain Customer Loyalty and Increase Lifetime Customer Value

Blow Past Competition and Take Top Rankings On Google

Every solution you need to grow and protect your law firm's online profile

Look your best online

Why are reviews important for attorneys?

Other lawyers seeking to refer clients, consumers, and businesses researching attorneys for their legal needs use online ratings and reviews to identify, analyze, and choose the best lawyer for their legal issues. Fifty-nine percent of people use online reviews when selecting a professional service provider, such as a lawyer or doctor. Nearly three-quarters (71 percent) of Millennials have used consumer reviews of professional services, and roughly half (49 percent of Baby Boomers).

Reviews are better than a personal referral.

83% of people check lawyer reviews as the first step to finding an attorney. The legal consumer is more likely to research lawyers online than to seek a referral from a friend or family member. Fifty-three percent of all consumers who go online to resolve their legal issues are also researching lawyers online; 45% of those who get a lawyer referral from friends or family also research lawyers online.

How consumers find an attorney.

68 percent of legal consumers consider “reviews from former clients” one of the most important additional information when considering an attorney.

Get your law firm's name in front of the right audience.

Two-thirds of consumers surveyed said they would be more likely to hire a lawyer with online reviews. This is especially true for younger consumers, as an overwhelming 81 percent of Millennials (age 18 to 35) are more inclined to hire lawyers with online reviews.

Negative reviews for lawyers.

94 percent of consumers will avoid a business with negative reviews. Attorney online reputation management is the most effective way to promote a positive reputation online by generating positive reviews, removing or suppressing negative reviews, and promoting positive content online -- including interviews, feature stories, press releases, and more

Review Management For Lawyers: The Complete Solution For A 5-Star Online Reputation

Reputation Rhino offers comprehensive review management services for lawyers through our 4 pillars of reputation success: Monitor, Response, Outreach, Reporting


We monitor all relevant reviews posted for your law firm on the most relevant business review and complaint sites every day.

In addition to Google My Business, Yelp and other popular review sites,  we also support niche sites relevant to your business, such as, Avvo, Super Lawyers, Best Lawyers, and more.


We provide a Response to all relevant reviews by our team of experienced online reputation management professionals. This personalized service allows us to act as a representative of your firm to acknowledge and recognize positive reviews and escalate and resolve problems posted online in an effort to convert negative customer reviews to positive reviews.


Consistent with your responsibilities under state legal ethics guidelines and the standards required by your Bar Associations, we provide Review Outreach services to existing and past clients.  We target those individuals who have had a positive experience with your law firm and direct these clients to leave reviews on the most visible online review sites so they can have maximum impact.

We use proprietary systems and strategies to contact your best clients of past and present to request more high-rated reviews on your behalf, allowing your business to quickly catapult towards a stellar online review profile.


We provide monthly Reporting with detailed metrics so you know who is reviewing your law firm, when they are reviewing, what they are saying and where they are posting their reviews so you can identify and respond to trends and allocate advertising and marketing resources more effectively.

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Avvo Reviews

97% of all lawyers in the United States are rated by Avvo. The Avvo Rating is on a scale from 1.0 (lowest) to 10.0 (highest) and calculated using information the lawyer has included on their Avvo profile as well as information collected from state bar associations and other organizations.

Experience and Background, Legal Community Recognition, and Legal Thought Leadership all impact an attorney's Avvo Rating. Avvo also provides disciplinary information about lawyers in its database.

Consumers can leave a review for an attorney with whom they have either hired or consulted. Once the review has been approved by Avvo, it will become part of the attorney's profile.

Martindale-Hubbard Reviews

Martindale-Hubbell began in 1868 as a simple informational directory. Fast forward 150 years and today more than 15 million consumers monthly research their legal options on Martindale-Hubbell sites, which include,, and  More than 35% of these consumers are likely to hire an attorney in the near future.

Martindale-Hubbell Client Review Ratings allow clients to complete anonymous reviews where they answer whether they would recommend the services of the attorney or law firm, then rate that lawyer or firm on a 1 (lowest) to 5 (highest) scale in four categories: Communication Ability, Responsiveness, Quality of Service and Value for Money. Clients also answer whether they would recommend the services of the attorney or firm.

Martindale-Hubbell Peer Review Ratings allow attorneys to complete anonymous peer reviews where they rate other lawyers on a 1 (lowest) to 5 (highest) scale in five categories: Legal Knowledge, Analytical Capabilities, Judgment, Communication Ability and Legal Experience. Attorneys also answer whether or not they believe the lawyer they are reviewing has very high ethical standards. Reviews

95% of all attorneys practicing in the U.S. are represented in directory. There are over one million reviews and the website attracts over 100,000 visitors every day. Client Review Ratings and Peer Review Ratings from Martindale-Hubbell are cross-posted on


Social Media For Lawyers

Social Media for law firms is a powerful tool for networking and career development, new business development, education, and brand awareness.

According to a recent Attorneys at Work Survey, 96% of attorneys use social media, and 70% say it is part of their marketing strategy. While LinkedIn is the favored social media platform for lawyers, Facebook has proven very effective at generating new business.

49% of attorneys say social media is responsible for securing new clients. The American Bar Association noted similar trends showing the growing impact of social media on legal marketing. In a 2018 Marketing Survey, 35% of respondents who use social media for professional purposes have obtained new client business.

This trend is only going to increase in the future. 


At 2.2 billion, Facebook has more monthly active users than Twitter (336 million) and Instagram (1 billion)—combined.  Facebook continues to reign in popularity over other social media channels.  Even more importantly, 7 out of 10 consumers are more likely to use a local business, like a law firm, if it has information available on a social media site. Reputation Rhino can help you identify the most effective ways to help you and your firm stand out online.


At 2.2 billion, Facebook has more monthly active users than Twitter (336 million) and Instagram (1 billion) combined.  Facebook continues to reign in popularity over other social media channels.  Even more importantly, 7 out of 10 consumers are more likely to use a local business, like a law firm, if it has information available on a social media site. Reputation Rhino can help you identify the most effective ways to help you and your firm stand out online.


LinkedIn is the most important professional networking site with 260 million users in the United States.  LinkedIn is the perfect place to highlight your firm to corporate clients and other professionals.  Attorney profiles should highlight education, practice areas of expertise, and any awards, achievements, and professional affiliations.  Law firm profiles should highlight the firm's practice areas, firm rankings and awards, etc.

Control, Grow, and Protect Your Online Reputation 

With Award-Winning Reputation Management Strategies

Ready to create a stellar online reputation?

Create a positive online identity
Remove or suppress negative search results
Promote and optimize existing online content
Fight online defamation and cyber libel
Defend against online smear campaigns

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You've Got Questions? We've Got Answers!

What is reputation management for lawyers and attorneys?

Reputation management for lawyers and attorneys involves the monitoring and management of reviews logged on lawyer-specific review sites as well as on general review sites, as well as other online media. That monitoring is informed by timely reporting and direct responses to both positive and negative reviews. Negative reviews are resolved whenever possible. Authentic positive reviews are collected from satisfied clients and posted, to promote a positive reputation and bury any negative reviews as far past the first page of Google results as possible. Relevant content is published online and on social media to raise the profile of the attorney and the law firm.

Is there a rating system for lawyers?

Avvo contains reviews for the majority of lawyers in the United States. The rating scale runs from 1 to 10 and is calculated using information gathered from state bar associations, client reviews, and information submitted by the attorneys themselves. welcomes more than 100K visitors each day, who can see ratings for 95% of the United States’ practicing attorneys. 35% of Martindale-Hubbell searches will lead to the hiring of a lawyer, and the platform includes client and peer reviews.

How do I find attorney reviews and ratings?

If you already have a lawyer in mind, a quick Google name search will likely result in attorney reviews and ratings. But if you’d like to search sites dedicated to lawyer reviews, visit Avvo,, Martindale-Hubbell, Yelp, NOLO, and the Better Business Bureau. The reviews you find will be logged by clients, colleagues, bar associations, and other organizations…or a combination of any of these. Visits to a number of attorney review sites will offer a more comprehensive view of a lawyer’s reputation.

How do I find the best rated lawyer?

Lawyer rating sites do not include courtroom wins, appellate opinions, evidence of the quality of work, and other factors that may be critical to your specific facts and circumstances. In most cases, the State Bar is not consulted on ethics unless there has been a specific complaint and investigation or disciplinary action, and even then the information can be difficult to access. Most review sites are simply a list of references from past clients and colleagues. The ratings can be outdated, or the results of quid-pro-quo exchanges. The most reliable way to choose the best-rated lawyer is to ask if they’re a “legal specialist,” if they have lectured at bar association events and if they belong to specialized organizations in their specific area of practice, all in addition to consulting with online reviews and word of mouth referrals.

How do I check an attorney record online?

Attorney disciplinary actions, including suspensions and disbarment, can be uncovered with an Internet search. To find an attorney record online, look up your state’s disciplinary organization for attorneys. You can also Google the name of the lawyer, as well as the firm they practice with. Look up their state bar profile. You may also wish to visit sites like the Better Business Bureau, Avvo, NOLO, Yelp, Martindale-Hubbell, and

What is the importance of lawyer reputation management?

Lawyer reputation management is more important than ever because the online competition is intensifying. To prove this point, consider that 86% of people looking for a lawyer will turn to Google as their first course of action. Furthermore, 98% say they would consult with online lawyer reviews before hiring an attorney. That means attorneys will find themselves engaged in some competition for the first page of Google search results, as well as for the best online reputation. Lawyer reputation management will not only help attorneys gain visibility on Google’s first page, it will improve their online reputation, win new clients, and gain the trust and confidence of existing clients.

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