Electricians have suffered an economic blow due to the Covid-19 pandemic. However, the future is looking bright.

The construction market is expected to grow from 2021 to 2026, and along with that, electricians will see an uptick in projects.

Of the estimated 219,314 electrician businesses in the U.S., none of them own more than 5% of the market. That means that competition will remain intense, with local electricians battling for market share.

How will you compete? How can you be sure that your electrician service is found by all the right people? And that they’ll choose you based on what they see?

You can improve your online reputation. People are finding their electricians online, and narrowing down their choices based on the reviews and other positive content they see there.

According to a study from the Local Search Association, 82% of people looking for electrician services ran an online search before converting.

What are your potential customers seeing when they look for electricians in their area? If your online reputation could be better, contact Reputation Rhino today.

Review Management for Electricians

The most successful electricians know just what their potential customers are looking for:

  • They want an electrician who’s licensed and insured. Peace of mind is at the top of the list.
  • They want great value for their money, meaning they don’t necessarily want the cheapest, but they want to feel they’re getting more than they’re giving up.
  • They want experience and expertise because when it comes to electricity, safety matters.
  • They want a great attitude, superior communication, a desire to do a great job…which all adds up to excellent customer service.

And where are people getting that information? The internet.

Since 84% of people trust online reviews as much as they trust recommendations from friends and family, that’s where they’re going to find electricians.

And the quality of those reviews matter. Consider this: 94% of consumers will not do business with an electrician who has poor reviews, and 75% of them will trust an electrician after seeing positive ones (Editor’s Choice).

What does all that mean for you? It means that as an electrician, your reputation will be built online. That’s where your existing customers will speak for you and where new customers will research and find you.

Just one negative review can stain your reputation, and that’s why it’s so important to collect positive ones and solve the problems highlighted by negative reviews, comments, and mentions.

Not sure how to accomplish that? We do.

As part of our Business Review Management Services for electricians Reputation Rhino offers Review Monitoring, Reporting, Review Outreach & Response.

We Monitor all relevant reviews posted for your business on the most relevant business review and complaint sites every day.

We provide monthly Reporting with detailed metrics so you know who is reviewing your company, when they are reviewing, what they are saying, and where they are posting their reviews so you can identify and respond to trends and allocate advertising and marketing resources accordingly.

We provide Review Outreach services to your existing customers. We target those individuals who have had a positive experience with your electrician company and direct these customers to leave reviews on the most visible online review sites so they can have maximum impact.

We also provide a Response to all relevant electrician company reviews by our team of experienced online reputation management professionals. This personalized service allows us to act as a representative of your electrician company to acknowledge and recognize positive reviews and escalate and resolve problems posted online in an effort to convert negative customer reviews to positive reviews.

97% of customers read responses to reviews — not just the reviews — when determining where to buy, and 71% of consumers are more likely to use a business that responds to reviews.

We can set alerts daily, weekly, or monthly upon request and change these settings easily.

We can even share positive reviews (e.g., 4* or higher on Facebook and/or Twitter).

Best Online Review Sites for Electricians


If you want to be more easily found in Google searches, one of the simplest things you can do is claim your business on all the general reviews sites, as well as on the ones more specific to home services.

Not only will prospective customers go there to search for electricians, but they’ll also compare reviews of local companies before deciding whom they’ll contact.

For those general review sites, make sure your electrician service is represented on your local Better Business Bureau site, Yahoo! Small Business, Superpages, Facebook, Yelp, Google My Business, Bing Places, Trustpilot, and YP.

Then, register your business on these home-service review sites:


85% of consumers are using sites like Yelp, Google and Angi to find electricians. The criteria for getting the call used to be making sure your business name started with an A so you were listed first in the Yellow Pages. Now, four- and five-star ratings are getting leads for electricians.

These review sites offer lots of opportunities to study the competition, to demonstrate your communication abilities, to provide social proof…and the list goes on and on.

To claim your business, then get to work collecting positive reviews on these sites. Remember that people are far more likely to write negative reviews when they’re upset than to write positive reviews when they’re happy—but 68% of people will write a review if asked to do so.

Asking your satisfied customers to write reviews will pay off since you can expect a 5 to 9 percent increase in revenue for every star you gain in ratings.


What is Thumbtack?

Thumbtack is a website and app that matches consumers with service professionals. Over 10 million users can access service providers in more than 1,100 categories.

When a customer enters information about their project, Thumbtack presents that project to a selection of professionals who may bid on the job if they wish.

Thumbtack users find local professionals (numbering 250,000 or more) for a total of over $1 billion moving through the app annually (DMR Business Statistics).

Thumbtack Reviews

After projects are completed, customers on Thumbtack can review the electrician they worked with. They will rate the electrician in the areas of responsiveness, work quality, professionalism, and more.

There’s a five-star review system with comments, and there are no anonymous reviews on Thumbtack. An overall review average is published on the electrician’s profile, and people can click to see individual reviews with commentary.

How to Remove a Review from Thumbtack

Once a review is published on Thumbtack, it cannot be removed or edited. It can, however, be updated. This comes in handy after you resolve a problem with a disgruntled customer. They can revisit their review and add information about how you corrected the problem.

Thumbtack will rarely intervene in review disputes since they’re protected by Section 230 of the Communications Decency Act. It says they cannot be held liable for anything that’s posted there by third parties.

If, however, a review is determined to be libelous, defamatory, or in violation of anyone’s copyright, a court order can be issued. This will compel Thumbtack to remove the review.

If you need help with having a review removed from Thumbtack or any other review site, get in touch with Reputation Rhino.

Angi Reviews

The likelihood that a purchase will be made increases by 15% when reviews are verified (not anonymous). That’s one of the advantages that come with using Angi for leads and reviews. No anonymous reviews are permitted.


When your electrician business is listed on Angi, you will enjoy receiving leads, but you’ll also benefit from the reviews you’ll accumulate.

Reviews on Angi are verified before they’re published, and any provider found to be submitting fraudulent reviews or engaging in deceitful behavior will be excluded from searches. However, their profile will remain, with poor ratings and fraud notices intact and visible.

How to Remove a Negative Review from Angi

Negative reviews drive potential customers away, so it’s important to control the number of them that appear on your Angi profile. As soon as one appears, respond to it with professionalism and take the interaction offline.

Come to an agreement with your customer about how you can remedy their dissatisfaction. It’s up to them to contact Angi and ask that their original review be removed. Then, they can write a newer, more positive review.

That negative review—if it’s handled correctly—can lead to a lifelong business relationship.

If you find a review on Angi that’s untrue (libel, defamation) you may be able to obtain a court order and have it removed. Or, if it violates a copyright, you can have it removed using the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA).

Social Media Management for Electricians

In order for electricians to received leads and sell their services, they need to establish trust within their communities. People want to know that their families will be safe following installations and repairs. Business owners want to know that their investments are secure.

Social media is a great way to establish a trustworthy reputation. By posting regularly, responding to comments, showing an interest in your community, educating the public and more, you can make a name for yourself as a safe, trusted electrician.

You might think social media is just for being social. To the contrary, 50% of social media users are there to follow products and services in their local communities.

They’re also there to witness how businesses interact with their followers—because it’s a good indicator of how they’ll treat those followers when they become customers. The majority (56%) of social media users will actually unfollow a business if a lack of customer service is demonstrated.

There are many facets that make up an effective social media management strategy, and Reputation Rhino is here to help.


Electricians need to market to local audiences, and Facebook is the perfect platform for doing that. Facebook groups are used by 1.8 billion people, and in just a three-month period in 2020, Facebook local groups’ membership numbers increased by 333%.

By posting regularly on Facebook (using a variety of media), responding in a timely manner to messages and comments, advertising…electricians can improve their online reputations.


Users spend an average of 1/2 hour every day on Instagram, most of them (81%) use it to research local services, and 50% of them have visited a website after seeing a product or service on Instagram (Hootsuite).

Instagram might not be the first platform you think of for marketing your electrician service, but as you can see, people will be looking for you there.


Twitter is a great place for electricians to showcase their work, to share helpful tips with homeowners and to establish a branded language.

Before you use Twitter, know your demographic. 70% of its users are male and the largest age group on Twitter is 25-34 (Hootsuite).


Pinterest is a great place for electricians to introduce new technologies, with photos. The audience on Pinterest is largely female (although males are catching up), so know who’s booking electrician services in your area before deciding how and what to market on Pinterest.

95% of searches on Pinterest are not branded, meaning that most people are searching for products and services without a company name in mind (Hootsuite). Will your electrician service be there?


The only site in the world that sees more traffic than YouTube is Google. YouTube is also the second-most used search engine on the globe. Google is going to give priority to YouTube video since Google owns the platform.

What does this mean for electricians and their online reputations? It means that having at least a few videos on YouTube will help to ensure that you appear on the first page of Google—if those videos are optimized correctly, using keywords you want to rank for.

Online Reputation Management for Electricians

Some projects will be booked in advance, and your potential customers will have weeks or months to conduct research on electricians. In other cases, you’ll be hired in a pinch.

In either case, it’s crucial that you appear in searches for local electricians, and that those results are flattering to your business—because 73% of your potential customers will go directly to internet search in order to find the electrician they need.

No matter if they search using Google, or if they head straight to their favorite home-services site (like HomeAdvisor or Porch), your reputation matters.

Maintaining your online reputation is a multi-faceted undertaking. It includes (but is not limited to):

  • Designing, building and maintaining a website that’s optimized for search.
  • Publishing relevant, informative content on your website and other relevant places (blogging).
  • Optimizing that content so it’s easily found by those who need it most.
  • Registering of the business on as many applicable review sites as possible.
  • Soliciting of positive reviews from satisfied customers.
  • Flagging and resolving negative reviews.
  • Advertising to make the brand more visible.
  • Marketing and managing social media pages.
  • Using legal protections to have unlawful reviews removed.

Reputation Rhino can help with any or all of these online reputation management tasks.

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