Worldwide, the courier and delivery services industry is expected to grow with post-Covid19 economic recovery, thanks to increased consumer spending and the growing demand for same-day and overnight delivery. Higher visibility means more competition, and that puts even more pressure on reputation management for courier and delivery services.

From local delivery services to worldwide giants like Fed Ex, UPS, Deutsche Post, Royal Mail and others, delivery has taken a sharp turn.

Even before COVID-19 forced many to depend on delivery services, the entire industry was growing rapidly — with 7.9% increase in the size of the market from 2018 to 2019. The pandemic accelerated that growth to such an extent that the CEP (Courier, Express and Parcel) market is expected to see an additional 100 billion in revenue by 2024 (as compared to 2020).

If you are looking to improve your courier or delivery service’s online reputation, to beat your local competition and generate higher profits, contact Reputation Rhino today.

Review Management for Courier and Delivery Services

91% of consumers read online reviews and 84% of them trust those reviews. What are your reviews and online reputation saying about your courier or delivery service?

Our expert business reviews management team will monitor and manage reviews on all the most popular customer complaint and review sites:

As part of our Business Review Management Services for courier services, Reputation Rhino offers Review Monitoring, Reporting, Review Outreach & Response

We Monitor all relevant reviews posted for your business on the most relevant business review and complaint sites every day.

We provide monthly Reporting with detailed metrics so you know who is reviewing your dealership, when they are reviewing, what they are saying, and where they are posting their reviews so you can identify and respond to trends and allocate advertising and marketing resources accordingly.

We provide Review Outreach services to your existing customers. We target those individuals who have had a positive experience with your courier company and direct these customers to leave reviews on the most visible online review sites so they can have maximum impact.

We also provide a Response to all relevant delivery company reviews by our team of experienced online reputation management professionals. This personalized service allows us to act as a representative of your dealership to acknowledge and recognize positive reviews and escalate and resolve problems posted online in an effort to convert negative customer reviews to positive reviews.

97% of customers read responses to reviews — not just the reviews — when determining where to buy, and 71% of consumers are more likely to use a business that responds to reviews.

We can set alerts daily, weekly, or monthly upon request and change these settings easily.

We can even share positive reviews (e.g., 4* or higher on Facebook and/or Twitter).

Can you imagine what this can do for your marketing strategy?

68% of customers will write an online review if they’re asked.

What is Yelp? is a publisher of crowd-sourced reviews of all types of consumer services, including courier and delivery services. The site has more than 184 million reviews, with 92 million unique mobile users every month.

Yelp’s reach and influence are staggering. Businesses claim a 9% increase in revenue (review42) every time they earn another star on Yelp (when their overall rating goes from three stars to four stars, for instance). Plus, 45% of customers (review42) will look at a business’s Yelp reviews before they visit.

Yelp Reviews

Fresh reviews matter on Yelp. When a visitor searches “couriers” or “delivery services” on Yelp for instance, they will see the most recent and relevant reviews.

Sponsored results (ads) will appear first, followed by the full list of couriers in the local search area. The average star rating is displayed, and with a click on that courier or delivery service, the user can see all individual reviews with comments.

Fair Use

How to Remove a Review from Yelp

As always, the best online review management practice is to grow your collection of positive reviews. This is far more cost- and time-effective than searching out and waging war on negative ones.

But, occasionally there might be that one review that threatens to cause damage. In this case, the first course of action would be to respond to the review and take the conversation offline. There, address the root of the problem and come to an agreement if possible.

Then, ask the reviewer to either edit or remove the review.

To edit a review on Yelp:

  • Go to “Reviews” in their “Account”
  • Click “Edit Review” (pencil icon) on the review in question
  • Make edits
  • Click “Post”

To remove a review from Yelp:

  • Go to “Reviews” in their “Account”
  • Find the review in question and click “Remove Review” (trash can icon)
  • Click “Confirm”

If the person who posted the review is not willing to remove or edit it, Yelp may delete it if it violates Yelp’s Content Guidelines.

If the content of the review is libelous or defamatory, Yelp will remove it when they receive a court order. If you believe that a review of your courier or delivery service is fake, contains false information or lies, contact Reputation Rhino’s reputation management experts.

In a case where you’ve asked for a review to be removed, but Yelp declined, it’s still likely they won’t include it in their list of recommended reviews. This means that Yelp users are less likely to see it.

What is Judy’s Book?

Judy’s Book is an online search tool for all types of professional services, including courier and delivery services. It also lists reviews of those businesses and allows users to join groups and create trust networks.

Judy’s Book Reviews

When reviewers rate businesses on Judy’s Book, they’re asked for information like cost, their rating, pros and cons. They are required to abide by Judy’s Book Terms of Use, and if they violate those terms, their review will be deleted. Repeat offenders risk being banned from the site.

Local searches for couriers or delivery services will result in a list of providers. Contact information, overall rating and number of reviews is listed for each. A click on any courier will result in more detailed information, along with a map and a list of those reviews.


How to Remove a Review from Judy’s Book

If you wish to remove your courier or delivery business entirely from Judy’s Book, you may request to do so. Or, if you find that your business has two listings on Judy’s Book, you can merge them.

Judy’s Book will not edit or review posts, since they call themselves “an open platform” and they’re protected by Section 230 of the Communications Decency Act. This law states that Judy’s Book (and other open review sites) are not considered publishers of the content and therefore cannot be held liable for the content on their site.

However, if a review infringes upon a copyright, the owner of the content can use the DMCA (Digital Millennial Copyright Act) to have it removed from Judy’s Book (and Reputation Rhino can help you to do that).

All reviews on Judy’s Book have to adhere to their Review Policy, which states that reviews must be:

  • Factually accurate
  • Not encouraging illegal activity
  • Appropriate in language and content
  • Free from adult content
  • Relevant to the item or business in question
  • Posted in the correct category
  • Free from promotion of the reviewer’s product or service

If you detect violations of the Judy’s Book Review Policy, you may click “Report “ on the review in question and you will be guided to the next step.

For assistance with removing reviews from Judy’s Book, contact Reputation Rhino’s review management professionals.

Social Media Management for Courier and Delivery Services

The social media management experts at Reputation Rhino are skilled and knowledgeable in the areas of social media content, the best times to post, where to post, whom to target, how to engage and more.

We will develop a clear, consistent and branded voice that starts conversations, attracts reviews and builds relationships on social media. This will significantly and positively affect the online reputation of your courier or delivery service.

Facebook for Courier and Delivery Services

With 2.74 billion active monthly users, Facebook is the third-most visited website in the world (beaten only by Google and YouTube). When your courier or delivery service owns a presence on Facebook (and optimizes the presence with reviews, hashtags and engagement), you’re likely to be seen in the 34 minutes the average user spends there every day.

Instagram for Courier and Delivery Services

30 minutes: That’s how long Instagram users spend scrolling every day. When you share familiar, local photos, recognize and honor the local scene, demonstrate your knowledge of the area, geotag, get creative with Instagram posts for your courier or delivery service…you will benefit your online reputation.

Twitter for Courier and Delivery Services

82% of B2B content marketers use Twitter. On Twitter, a courier or delivery service can build brand awareness, establish a brand voice, impact their industry, connect with local communities and market to the individuals and businesses who need their services.

Online Reputation Management for Courier and Delivery Services

The experienced and dedicated team of experts at Reputation Rhino can influence every aspect of your online reputation. Services like IT, SEO, PPC, marketing, social media, web design, web development, blogging, legal and PR are the foundational elements of online reputation management, but there’s more. We will:

  • Generate positive press and reviews for your courier or delivery service
  • Promote your positive reviews and online content to suppress any negativity that could damage your reputation
  • Take legal action against those logging negative reviews if appropriate
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