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Online reputation management involves a strategic combination of marketing, public relations, legal and search engine optimization (SEO) strategies to promote, protect and defend your online image or business reputation. Our proprietary strategies can help remove the negative content and promote the good.

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Google is a billboard for your reputation. Advertise your best features.

A recent Pew Research survey found that 74% of U.S. adults say it is more important to keep things about themselves from being searchable online than it is to discover potentially useful information about others.

85% of U.S. adults say that all Americans should have the right to have potentially embarrassing photos and videos removed from online search results. 56% of U.S. adults say all Americans should have the right to have negative media coverage about themselves removed from public search results.

SoftwareAdvice conducted a survey in 2014 regarding online privacy and the “right to be forgotten” that reached similar conclusions.

  • 61% of Americans believe some version of the right to be forgotten is necessary.
  • 39% of Americans want a European-style blanket right to be forgotten, without restrictions.
  • Nearly half of respondents were concerned that “irrelevant” search results can harm a person’s reputation.

Reputation Rhino has a team of experienced public relations, legal, marketing, and technology professionals trained to remove or bury negative online content by creating and optimizing positive Internet content.

This is how customers, employers, clients, and even acquaintances discover, evaluate, and develop trust for you or your brand


of consumers say you should have the right to remove negative content from search


of consumers say that it's important to them to keep things from being "searchable"


of consumers believe everyone should have the right to be forgotten about 


of consumers say that irrelevant search results can harm a person or brand's reputation

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 The Complete Solution For A 5-Star Online Reputation

Reputation Rhino offers comprehensive review management services through our 4 pillars of reputation success: Monitor, Response, Outreach, Reporting


We Monitor all relevant reviews posted for your business on the most relevant business review and complaint sites every day.

We also track relevant niche-specific sites, so no matter your industry or where you come from, Reputation Rhino has your back.


We also provide a Response to all relevant reviews by our team of experienced online reputation management professionals. This personalized service allows us to act as a representative of your ORM Company to acknowledge and recognize positive reviews and escalate and resolve problems posted online in an effort to convert negative customer reviews to positive reviews.

We can even share positive reviews (e.g., 4* or higher on Facebook and/or Twitter).


We provide Review Outreach services to your existing clients and customers. We target those individuals who have had a positive experience with your company and direct these customers to leave reviews on the most visible online review sites so they can have maximum impact.

We use proprietary systems and strategies to contact your best patients of past and present to request more high-rated reviews on your behalf, allowing your business to quickly catapult towards a stellar online review profile.


We provide monthly Reporting with detailed metrics so you know who is reviewing your company, when they are reviewing, what they are saying and where they are posting their reviews so you can identify and respond to trends and allocate advertising and marketing resources accordingly.

We can set alerts daily, weekly, or monthly upon request and change these settings easily

Reputation Rhino provides review monitoring, management, and removal solutions for the following popular review and customer complaint sites:

Logos of different companies
BBB Reviews
Customer Lobby
Facebook Reviews
Google My Business
Demand Force
Insider Pages
Judy's Book
Pissed Consumer
Yahoo! Local
Yellow Pages

Got questions? We've got answers!

How do I remove negative Google search results?

If you would like to have something removed from Google search results, the best course of action is to contact the owner of the website or domain and request that it be removed. Sometimes, negative content promises to be so detrimental to a reputation that burying it with positive and neutral content just won’t do. Revenge porn, private information, and content published in order to do harm can be brought to the attention of Google for removal. Citizens of EU countries may have additional recourse because of the expansive privacy legislation in Europe. In many cases, you may need to consult with a content removal specialist or online reputation management company in order to protect your online reputation.

How do you remove negative information from the Internet?

No matter the search engine, your first course of action to remove negative information from the internet should be contacting the website’s host or owner. If this is not appropriate, you may contact Google, Bing, or Yahoo. If you know who has published the negative content, and the information is false, you can sue them for defamation and take it to court. There are no guarantees when it comes to the removal of negative information from the internet; however, working with a top reputation management company, skilled in navigating laws, policies, regulations, and procedures related to online search results, will greatly increase your chances of success.

Can bad reviews be removed from Google?

A bad review cannot be removed from Google simply because you disagree with the content of the online review. Opinions, even rude, obnoxious, and hurtful opinions are protected speech. You must be able to prove that a review came from a competitor, or from someone who’s never done business with your company, for instance. If you can prove that the review is fake, you can then flag it and communicate your evidence to Google. If it is a real review from an actual client or customer, then it’s best to respond to the review by thanking the person for their opinion and working to solve the problem.

How do I delete an online review?

Every platform has a different procedure to delete an online review. The very first course of action should be to either contact the reviewer directly and ask them to remove it (unless they are using profanity or show signs of mental instability) or respond to the negative review publicly to resolve the situation. Online reputation management companies may also have creative ways to remove a review from popular websites. If you consider the review to be slander or libel, flag and report the review (but be ready to submit evidence as to why the review is false). If the review violates the site’s terms of service, you can also flag it and ask for it to be removed. Unfortunately, websites are not responsible for what users post (Section 230, Communications Decency Act), so sites are not liable.

How do you delete a Google review?

According to BrightLocal, 74% of businesses have at least one Google review. When you consider that Google reviews are the most visible in searches, it becomes imperative that your Google reviews be positive. You cannot delete a Google review of you or your business unless you can prove it’s libel or slander. If it is a fake review (and you can prove that it was posted by someone other than an actual customer), you can flag it and present your case to Google for removal.

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