Reputation Management Tools: The Complete List (2021 Update)

If you want to know about the best reputation management tools in one place, then you will LOVE this newly updated guide with the 21 best reputation management tools for 2021.

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50% of Internet users say they are worried about the amount of information that is available about them online.

We have good reason to be worried, 4 out of 5 consumers have changed their minds about purchasing a recommended product or service based solely on negative information they found online.

26% of adults have had untrue information about them posted online, most commonly about their character or reputation.

With our comprehensive review of the best online reputation management tools, you can rest assured that your potential clients, coworkers, friends, employers, investors and affiliates are seeing only what you want them to see.

That’s what makes the tools we’re sharing so critical to your success. Without them, one rogue reviewer or a social saboteur could stain your good standing online—which might negatively affect every aspect of your business or personal life.

In order to manage your online reputation, you’re going to need a comprehensive list of reputation management tools. You’ll also need to know what makes each product or service unique, and what types of results to expect.

Check out this list of remarkable, user-friendly features each tool has to offer and let us know if you have any questions or need further assistance with online reputation management.

And if you think we left something off our list, don’t be shy, please let us know!

The Benefits of Online Reputation Management Tools

Most employers use social media for recruiting, and 71% of them have hired using information found on social media. 90% of those companies have said that what they find on an applicant’s social media pages will determine whether or not they receive a job offer.

Your personal online reputation is that important.

If you’re a business with an online presence, it’s important to understand that last year, 87% of consumers read online reviews before making a purchase. That’s an increase of six percentage points from the previous year. What’s more, nearly half of those same consumers would only consider buying from a business with four or more stars.

Just imagine losing half of your business. That’s what a poor online reputation can do.

When you manage your online reputation (by burying or removing negative reviews and highlighting the positive ones, for example or improving the content appearing on page 1 for your company), you will enjoy…

  • more leads
  • more sales
  • more effective brand building
  • increased trust
  • professional credibility
  • better talent when hiring
  • larger investments
  • more and better job offers
  • more affiliate opportunities…

and that’s just the beginning of what’s possible.

When you use the latest and most relevant tools for managing online reputation, you can accomplish all of this more efficiently and effectively.

Now let’s talk about the online reputation management tools we recommend most often.

1. Google Alerts

With Google Alerts, you’ll know when something that matters to you is published online. Simply set up a Google Alert for your name or business name, any relevant keywords, your handles, your competitor’s name or keywords… and you’ll receive daily emails when any of those important words are detected.

When the content is positive, you can share that to boost your online reputation. If it’s negative, you can mitigate any damage before it spreads too far. In both respects, Google Alerts is one of the most proactive reputation management tools available.

2. Hootsuite

You can assess and follow your online reputation with Hootsuite. It will track mentions, hashtags and keywords relevant to you, conversations that happen at your physical location and more.

This is a great way to see what people are saying—even when they’re not expecting you to know about it. Hootsuite gives you the information you need to not only address problems that could affect your online reputation, but to improve your overall operations with the most honest kind of feedback.

3. ReviewTrackers

One of the most challenging tasks when you’re monitoring your online reputation is keeping tabs on all the review sites. ReviewTrackers scours over one hundred sites and sends you emails about reviews that warrant responses.

Not only will problematic (and glowing) reviews be brought to your attention promptly, ReviewTrackers will analyze all of your reviews and compile recommendations for improving your business.

4. SentiOne

This online reputation management tool (SentiOne) was designed to help you improve your customer service—even when you’re not involved in the conversation.

It will track what’s being said about you and your company with social listening, to deliver audience insights and opportunities for sales, growth and reputation repair. Then, you can intervene early in conversations and get a better grasp on broader methods for improving reputation.

5. Meltwater

Meltwater got its start monitoring news for keywords relevant to specific industries, but has since expanded to include social listening and analytics.

To use Meltwater, you’ll simply enter keywords that are relevant to you or your business and the software will track and update in real time. Reporting will show you long-term brand health, highlight crucial metrics and you can even create reports to share.

6. Brand24

This reputation management tool gathers mentions from videos, websites, chats, reviews, social media, news and more.

With Brand24, you can narrow tracking to a specific month, week or day. It can search for specific sources, and even name your biggest brand ambassadors and naysayers. You’ll have the ability to create numerous projects (each with a specific focus), create reports and compare those reports.

7. YouScan

YouScan searches social media sites for mention of your brand, but it doesn’t stop there. It also searches images using cutting-edge image recognition, capable of identifying objects, logos, backgrounds, activities and more.

YouScan also gathers countless pieces of data related to your search, to highlight social impact and trends. Charts and graphs are created, all of which are supported by mentions you can see.

8. BrandMentions

“Every Mention, Counted” is the axiom for this reputation management tool (BrandMentions). You can use it to track your keywords, your social handles—as well as those of your competitors—across the entirety of the web. You can even choose to exclude words and phrases.

What makes this application extra special is the way it classifies mentions by sentiment. So if you only want to see complaints or praise, you can filter results accordingly.

9. Buzzsumo

Buzzsumo doesn’t just find mentions, it also reports on engagement for those mentions. When you use this tool, you can set alerts for keywords (for yourself and your competitors), your name, your business name, a particular author and backlinks.

The software offers filters as well, including type of content, size of publisher, date of publication, language, domain, word count and country of origin.

10. Mention

Mention has been compared to Google Alerts in the past, but it’s really so much more. It delivers reputation management updates in real time, from all across the web. It also provides analytics and compares your data to your competitors’.

Want to know what key phrases your ideal clients are using in conversation, as opposed to your competition’s target audience? Want to know how your reach compares? Or how much more (or less) influence you’re having? Mention will provide all of that.

11. SERPWoo

This company is the creator of the original SERP (Search Engine Results Pages) tracker. From that foundation, SerpWoo has built a platform that delivers visuals so you can get a panoramic view of your online reputation.

Not only does SERPWoo help you to enhance your SEO (and therefore your online performance), it provides alerts when any significant changes in your online profile take place. Your data will be delivered in CSV reports, PDFs and API so you can clearly view your progress and points for improvement.

12. Yext

Yext helps users secure business listings quickly and effectively and directly integrates into its platform all the places where reviews can appear and puts them all onto one dashboard. And you won’t have to wait to find out about a new review. You can choose to receive notifications the moment a review is posted.

Next, you can utilize the Yext Intelligent Review Response to respond to critical reviews. All of this is accomplished using Yext’s best practices for resolution and engagement. It even helps you to ensure that your responses are on-brand.

13. SimilarWeb

Is your brand well-respected? SimilarWeb can tell you. How well does your website represent your brand? And how does it stack up to your competitors’ websites? SimilarWeb can tell you that, too.

When you have the kind of data that this reputation management tool provides, you can make the small changes that make big differences on the web. Your website is the face of your business, and SimilarWeb gives you the tools you’ll need to make sure you’re putting your best face forward.

14. GatherUp

Formerly Get Five Stars, this online reviews solution is based on the idea that in order to get lots of five-star reviews, you must first get lots of reviews. In action, it looks like surveys on websites that encourage visitors to leave feedback.

From there, those visitors are invited to leave reviews on major sites, which results in highly visible (often five-star) reviews. GatherUp works because consumers are often driven to lodge negative reviews when they’re unhappy, but they don’t do the same when they’re satisfied. This motivates them to tell the world about their good experiences.

15. RankRanger

RankRanger isn’t just for improving SEO. It’s also a highly effective reputation management tool. It allows you to search exclusively for negative reviews and mentions, it monitors your search engine rankings and it proves (with data) how your reputation management efforts are affecting your online reputation.

16. Buffer

A large part of reputation management is active engagement in all your social media places. Buffer allows you to schedule and post all your social media updates from one platform, making a good social media reputation more manageable.

And it doesn’t end there. You can also use Buffer to track your social media performance and use the insights in its reports to create even more reputation-building engagement.

17. Semrush

With Semrush, you can keep track of all your mentions. You can also view your authority score (to measure a domain’s backlink weight) and sentiment score (positive reviews in relation to negative ones).

Semrush will help you to identify influencers in your industry. It will pinpoint which reviews resulted in referrals, discover mentions without backlinks, track the sentiment (tone) of those mentions and estimate your brand’s reach.

18. ahrefs

ahrefs is all about analyzing and optimizing your website, letting you know what you’re competitors are up to, telling you what your ideal clients are searching for, helping you to publish high-performance content and tracking your progress with search-engine rankings.

19. MozBar

MozBar is a toolbar you can install that will give you real-time SEO metrics for every online place you visit.

MozBar gives its users the ability to compare metrics across various links. You can also highlight keywords on pages to discern between link types. Get authority scores, export data and view link metrics, HTTP statuses, attributes and elements.

20. BirdEye

BirdEye is the one-stop shop where you can “acquire customers on autopilot.” Reviews are gathered, leads are converted, customers are contacted and referrals are collected.

With this reputation management tool, your business is more likely to be found, reviews are plentiful and prominent, conversations with customers make it personal and feedback from customers helps you to grow your business.

21. BrightLocal

BrightLocal is focused on your online reputation—particularly your local reputation. Designed for businesses that market locally, it will tell you how you measure up against neighboring competitors while pushing your business to the top of search results.

A performance dashboard ensures you’ll know of any arising reputation issues early, so you can address them promptly. Plus, you can respond to all of them from this single platform. With BrightLocal, your rankings will improve with more visits, more reviews and more sales.

Choosing the Best Tools to Manage Your Online Reputation

Having a great online reputation involves more than being found in all the right places. It also means building the right perceptions when you are found.

A positive reputation matters when building your personal and business brand — and it matters not only to your potential customers, but to those who will be talking about you to your future clients.

It’s true that managing your reputation across the entirety of the Internet can seem like a daunting task. That’s why all these reputation management tools have been created.

To make your job simpler, easier to navigate… with better results.

Always remember that online reputation management isn’t about managing a hundred different visibility aspects. It’s about repeating a few highly influential things hundreds of times—over and over again—until your reputation sparkles. The best way to accomplish that is with reputation management tools.

Now you can spend less time wrapped up in managing and worrying about your online reputation, and more time growing your business.

It only takes one minute for a negative review to begin its voyage around the web. And every moment that goes by after that could be another customer, job or opportunity lost.

If you have looked at the vast array of do-it-yourself reputation management tools, but still want a professional reputation management firm to handle it all for you, look no further.

Reputation Rhino has a wide range of online marketing solutions, including reputation management, negative review removal and much more.

Get in touch with Reputation Rhino today.

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