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build My brand

Are you a new business or need a more robust online presence?

These are individuals or businesses who have not yet established a good online reputation and have a low amount of visibility in the market. When you search on Google, you lack visibility, authority, and structure. We will work to build your brand and boost your influence by creating a positive and authoritative presence online, increase visibility, and help create a page one on Google you can be proud of.

Protect My brand

Are you already ranking highly on searches and want to stay there?

These are individuals or businesses that already have established their online brand and have some visibility. However, you lack any safeguards or preventative measures to protect it. We call this the Sandcastle. With any pressure, it will crumble. We will work to optimize and enhance your current brand while building safeguards and a firewall of sorts to protect the brand you have spent countless dollars and years building.

repair My brand

Has your reputation taken a hit and you need to rebuild and protect from further damage?

These are individuals or businesses that have encountered some sort of negative online event and have a tarnished or unflattering online image. This could be from a bad article, images, video etc. We will work to remove or suppress these negative issues, while at the same time creating new and optimized existing content. We will work to restore your online reputation by giving you a positive and authoritative brand online with a page one on Google you can be proud of.

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