How to Get More Traffic to Your Website

Getting people to your website is not as easy as it may seem in this tech-driven era. While search engines such as Google have formulated a detailed platform to find your business on, it still takes mastering the craft of search engine optimization (SEO) to get viewers to see your site at the top of their search results. In fact, 89% of people searching online will NOT look past the top ten search results for their answer.

That’s a hefty number of individuals that are potentially not making it to your website if you don’t have the right SEO tools in place to keep your website at the top! Let’s dive into how you can take charge of increasing traffic to your website, become more visible, and gain more client leads by receiving more traffic to your site.

SEO, How it helps:


SEO, or search engine optimization as stated above, is a highly effective method of increasing and enhancing your online visibility and generating leads. Having an effective strategy that implements proper SEO techniques will allow you to increase:

  • Targeted Traffic
  • Rankings on Search Engines
  • Qualified Leads
  • Calls

Being successful online happens when you allow the essential element of your marketing strategy to be SEO-centric. Organic clicks are priceless to obtain because they are literally PRICEless; no money is put towards advertising to generate the traffic you are getting when you place the right SEO tools on your website. 

Boosting Online Visibility:


Getting a boost in online traffic to your website is no easy feat if you don’t stay tuned into the latest and greatest tips from gurus around the world. Let’s be honest, if your business seems to be doing well, you might forget that your online presence is crucial to your growth as clients and customers are looking to the web for business credibility these days. In order to give your company’s website a boost, you are going to need to follow some general steps to achieve results.

Here is what we suggest to the businesses that partner with us:

  • Research and add relevant keywords and phrases
  • Optimize your profile on Google My Business, especially locally
  • Earn High-Quality Backlinks
  • Start Blogging

The four bullets we listed above are crucial to the overall performance of your business in the online space. Each rightfully increases your top search result chances to individuals researching topics and questions with relevance to your business services or offerings.

What a Successful SEO Strategy Looks Like:


Everyone wants to be successful, but if you are not willing to dedicate the time and effort to master SEO, you’ll end up failing, rather falling to the bottom of the page… or worse, the second page of results. To take a look at what a successful SEO strategy looks like in play, let’s dive deeper into the bulleted list we discussed in the above section.

Adding relevant keywords: Determine what the keywords are by thinking about your main services and then determine what subtopics people might be looking for answers to. Breaking down words, such as locations, can help you be specific in your target audience. These are called long-tail keywords and could be used for expanding content and optimizing your blog.

Start Blogging: If you want to accrue authority and rankings, blogging will allow you to display your knowledge on a variety of topics related to your business or brand. Companies that blog get 55% more website traffic and 97% more links to their websites than businesses that don’t.

Optimize your profile on Google My Business, especially locally: By keeping up with your Google My Business profile, you will provide immediate increased benefit to your brand. This is because adding all of the necessary information, photos, videos, gaining reviews, and highlighting your services is vital to generating higher Google map rankings. This is especially important to customers and clients searching for businesses in your area. If you show up as #1, the likelihood of someone reaching out to your business first for services is almost certain.

Earn High-Quality Backlinks: This is highly important as part of off-page SEO. When high-quality content gets shared and reposted your website will get backlinks which are a valuable ranking signal for Google. Backlinks are a vote of confidence in the eyes of Google and are important when building a brand and getting new pages to rank faster and higher.


SEO tips to consider:


  • Don’t just let the customer come to you. Be certain of how they are showing up to your business. 
  • SEO is the modern method of getting to page one of the old-school phone book back in the day.
  • Staying in the top of someone’s mind requires you to be knowledgeable on the marketing strategies and tactics such as SEO and its importance to increasing online traffic to your website.
  • Make sure to utilize analytics and measurements properly to define the strength of your current, previous, and future strategies.
  • Don’t just focus on the large picture, make sure to drive importance on local SEO into your strategy for effective optimization at the local level. 

Who to reach out to in order to increase traffic to your website:


By effectively managing and implementing SEO tools, you’re able to increase your search rankings, see the results, make calculated decisions on how to further boost traffic to your site, and more. Choosing a fast, efficient, and effective business that specializes in all of this will in turn boost your search ranking and overall profits from more people visiting your website.

At Reputation Rhino, we specialize in effective SEO strategy and implementation. By increasing your search rankings, you can increase leads and conversions to generate more revenue for your company. Landing on page one for the keywords that matter may seem impossible, but it’s a lot easier when you have an experienced SEO company on your side.

We are a solution-driven organization helping increase online traffic for businesses in a wide category of industries. Before we start implementing a new project for a new SEO client, we complete an SEO audit in order to understand your current performance and the gap between your business and your top competitors. We use the results of this audit to create a roadmap of your SEO strategy, so we know exactly what we need to focus on to increase the number of leads you generate online.

By using detailed analytics and goal tracking, we’ll measure the effectiveness of your SEO campaign on a daily basis. You will see phone calls increase, more web leads, and more appointment bookings as your local rankings improve. If you are ready to increase visibility for  your business, reach out to Reputation Rhino today for online reputation management services.

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