Meet Dave Fulk

Dave Fulk is many things. He is a seasoned executive, investor, entrepreneur, consultant, husband, and father. He is unconventional and independent, out to achieve that which has not been achieved before. Hyper-focused on creative solutions, Dave knows how to ask the right
questions and pinpoint revenue opportunities that others have missed. He is a man of action.

But his superpower is assembling dream teams to get the job done. He encourages them to make decisions and mistakes. He provides them with the tools and resources they need, while removing any obstacles or barriers preventing them from being successful.

With a diverse background spanning multiple industries and several decades, Dave excels in Operational Management, Sales, and Marketing. His ability to streamline systems and create efficiency, while simultaneously increasing productivity and morale, has been recognized time and again by his peers.

As CEO of Reputation Rhino, Dave and his team help many of the world’s most recognizable businesses and individuals manage their online reputations on their own terms. He has assembled a dream team around him, providing them with the tools and resources they need, while removing barriers to success. Together, they are giving clients an opportunity at a great first impression online.

Running an online reputation management company that serves individuals, and small-midsize businesses as well as large corporate giants, Dave works closely with his team to provide a complete range of online public relations, brand management, SEO, legal, and digital marketing solutions.

Reputation Rhino is made up of experts who work tirelessly to remove or suppress negative search results, improve business reviews or build your brand. Simply put, Reputation Rhino helps you look your best online.

In his role as CEO, Dave is focused on day-to-day operations, creating the vision of Reputation Rhino’s growth plan, and how to expand the business to reach its goals. He is constantly networking and creating strategic partnerships that will drive Reputation Rhino to the next levels of development. Most recently, Dave's partnership with marketing expert Kevin Harrington promises to propel Reputation Rhino to the next level of success. With the 'Shark Tank' star on
board, Reputation Rhino is poised for explosive growth.

What sets Dave apart from some of his peers, is his relentless drive to find solutions to unique problems. Every company, industry, and team is different, and Dave knows that out-of-the-box thinking combined with determination are essential to reaching goals and busting through ceilings.

The energy that Dave brings to all of his undertakings is absolutely unmatched. Somehow, he wakes up every day full of enthusiasm and passion for what he does and maintains that zeal no matter the project or client. His team knows that Dave operates at a high frequency and rises to meet him, which drives the needle day after day.

While Dave’s days are full by any standards, he remains active in his community and is a devoted husband and father. Dave and his wife have been married for 16 years after a whirlwind romance, and together they have three children. You can often find Dave at the soccer field, the dojo, or dance class as he encourages Chase, Alaina, and Eriannah to pursue their every

Originally from Kansas City, Missouri, Dave puts a high value on morals, ethics, and hard work. For the past seven years, Dave has carved out time in his schedule to volunteer with Feeding Tampa Bay, an organization that seeks to “end hunger and nourish hope.” Dave is an avid reader and traveler and loves to study human behavior. He is especially
interested in influence, persuasion, and leadership.

Dave has received dozens of testimonials, recommendations, and endorsements from clients, peers, and associates throughout his career. He has been described as a “great mentor, listener, coach, speaker, and leader” and recognized for his “intensity behind the scenes, attention to detail, and ability to quantify data.”

Working with some of the most talented and brilliant entrepreneurs in the world, Dave has been honored to build a community around him that feels he is:

“Dave brings a personal and business infectiousness into every situation he’s involved in”

- Kevin Harrington

“He totally expanded my brain”

- Tom Krol

“Dave is a Genius when it comes to business operations, growth, and scale...”

- Nick Bradley

“He creates wins for everyone involved”

- Matt Andrews

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Open-minded and innovative, Dave always has his ear to the ground, seeking out new connections and possibilities for collaboration. He makes himself available to discuss business challenges and investment opportunities with anyone who believes that he can offer insight into their unique situation.

As Dave looks to the future, he is excited about the potential he sees to grow his current lines of business, take advantage of new partnerships, and exceed expectations for all of his current and future clients.

With his tenacity, resilience, and ambition, the future is very bright for Dave Fulk.

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