Our client, a well-respected doctor in Texas, was arrested in 2016 for a low-level felony involving a physical altercation with a neighbor. Although his arrest and subsequent plea of no contest were unrelated to the practice of medicine, the incident received widespread coverage in the local media, and briefly trended on Twitter.

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In 2021, the doctor was looking to expand his healthcare practice and open a brand new, state-of-the-art medical center at a nearby location. Although the doctor regularly received strong online reviews from loyal patients, five years later the negative online search results were still impacting his business.

Page 1 of Google was showing the following negative results:

• A local news story about the arrest

• Local court and legal records detailing the incident

• Twitter mention of the incident

Clearly, you don’t EVER want to see these damaging search results on Page 1. Because of these online search results, business lenders were reluctant to extend loans and commercial landlords were reluctant to allow a new tenant with a negative public record to sign a lease.

Our client took full responsibility for the mistake he made on that hot Texas afternoon in 2016. Our client was looking forward to growing his medical practice... 

However, Google was making it impossible.


  • Suppress and remove negative content appearing on Google
  • Increase positive content to improve search results
  • Build an SEO campaign to strengthen positive search results


The negative content on Google was able to rank on Page 1 because our client did not have strong search results already ranking for his name. 

Our goal was to quickly change that. 

We developed a customized online reputation management strategy for him that included optimizing existing search results. 

We identified what results needed a boost during our initial audit and targeted pages that had a high likelihood of ranking on Page 1. 

We also developed a list of new content we would need to create and optimize to outrank the negative search results currently appearing on the first page of results.


Reputation Rhino built a brand new page on our client’s business website optimized for his first name, last name, and commonly searched variations including his professional title and location. 

We also helped design, develop, and launch a new, SEO-friendly personal website for the client which quickly jumped to the top of Page 1. 

Over the course of our campaign, we published several highly ranking professional interviews highlighting his successful medical practice and we were able to place a feature story in a trade publication relevant to his practice specialty.

Six out of the top 10 search results ranking for our client on Page 1 included content we created during the first months of the campaign.


The proof is in the results. Our client was able to rebuild his reputation with core strategies formulated by Reputation Rhino to increase positive brand presence online.

  • The local news story, previously #4 on Page 1, is currently ranking #63 on Page 7.
  • We were able to permanently remove the local court and legal records from Google.
  • The Twitter URL, previously #6 on Page 1, is no longer ranking in the top 100 search results.

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