Cryptocurrency, such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, and Ripple are among the most popular examples of a decentralized, peer-to-peer virtual currency that can be handled just like money (i.e. it can be exchanged for traditional currencies like the U.S. dollar or any other currency). It can also be used to purchase goods or services, typically online. Cryptocurrency is electronic money. Therefore, when an investor acquires cryptocurrency, he or she receives electronic units representing a certain value, that can change from time to time.

Cryptocurrency’s main difference compared to traditional currencies is that it’s not issued, stored, regulated, or protected by the full faith and credit of any government, credit union, central authority or bank. Moreover, information regarding each and every transaction is publicly shared and stored securely. However, despite increased government regulation and regulatory oversight, there have been a number of high-profile hacks and hundreds of millions of dollars of investor losses over the past several years.

When 1,800 professionals were asked in a survey if they trust accepting cryptocurrency payments, only 50% said yes.

What about the other 50%?

This is why cryptocurrency and blockchain companies should be thinking about reputation management right now. Trust and reputation account for a significant percentage of market capitalization of blockchain companies.

According to Weber Shandwick, global executives, on average, attribute 63% of their company’s market value to their company’s overall reputation. It is not a question of if your company is going to experience a reputation crisis, it is when. Are you prepared?

Are you actively monitoring brand mentions across the real-time web and social media? Do you have an experienced online reputation management team that can minimize the impact of a crisis, or will you risk making up a response as you go along?

When you consider that 50% of professionals don’t fully trust cryptocurrency and blockchain companies, just think how many minds could be changed by positive, solid reviews, testimonials and positive mentions about your company.

Cryptocurrency and blockchain companies are the future of trading and finance. Success or failure will depend on your commitment to online reputation management.

Could your cryptocurrency or blockchain company benefit from a better online reputation?

Find out by contacting Reputation Rhino today.

Review Management for Cryptocurrency and Blockchain Companies

If a cryptocurrency trader has a poor experience with a crypto or blockchain company, the complaints can be loud, malicious and very public.

This can have a snowball effect: Investors may read overwhelmingly negative reviews, so their skeptical even before their first trade or attempt at mining. Then, if something goes wrong, they feel compelled to join the masses in complaining about cryptocurrency and blockchain companies.

When results are good, those same traders or miners are unlikely to post positive reviews, or to delete their negative ones. This makes review management for cryptocurrency and blockchain companies particularly challenging—and unavoidably necessary.

If you could just manage to accumulate positive reviews and positive brand mentions, your cryptocurrency marketing would be miles ahead of most of your peers and your firm would stand out from the rest.

81% of 18- to 34-year-old consumers trust online reviews as much as they trust personal recommendations. 90% of consumers form an opinion about your business by reading less than ten reviews. And in this hypercompetitive niche, a few good reviews and positive news stories can be just what you need to bring them over to your side.

How can you accomplish that? With online reputation management.

A targeted review-management strategy involves registering your business on general review sites, as well as those sites specific to the financial industry. Your company’s replies to those reviews matter, too, since 97% of consumers will be reading those responses.

Even negative reviews can work for your business if handled properly. Negative reviews offer opportunities to exhibit customer service and create long-term, loyal customer relationships. Often, a negative review is just a request for attention to a small problem that can be easily solved.

A review management strategy should also include a plan for collecting more positive reviews, so that any remaining negative reviews will be pushed down in search results (and get fewer views).

In the cryptocurrency and blockchain niches, five-star reviews are rarities. It’s always best to strive for an overall four- to five-star average, but don’t be too discouraged by a few negative reviews – you can’t please everyone all the time.

There are review management strategies available to you, for improving your brand’s overall reputation. Reputation Rhino’s review management specialists can help your cryptocurrency or blockchain firm market successfully to your target audience.

No time for review monitoring? Not sure how to properly manage reviews? Reputation Rhino will act as your blockchain or crypto company’s representative to bring attention to positive reviews while resolving and overpowering negative ones.

Fair Use

Content Marketing for Cryptocurrency and Blockchain Companies

Content marketing is focused on creating, publishing, and distributing positive content to promote cryptocurrency and blockchain companies and drive consumer action, such as brand awareness, lead generation or sales.

Reputation Rhino has worked with many of the leading cryptocurrency, mining, and blockchain companies to improve the quality and quantity of content showing on the top pages of Google for branded searches.

We also regularly promote content appearing on leading publications like CoinDesk, CoinTelegraph, CCN, News BTC, Bitcoinist and more. Cryptocurrency marketing is more than publishing high value content, it is about making sure people see your content and take action.

Types of Content Marketing

Content marketing for cryptocurrency and blockchain companies can include blogs, press releases, white papers, research reports, guest articles, social media posts. Even contributing quotes and insight and interviews from company founders, executives and marketing thought leaders into new and existing content can be an effective form of content marketing.

Blog Marketing

Companies that blog get 97 percent more inbound links, 55 percent more website visitors and generate 88 percent more inbound leads than those who do not blog.

Press Releases

Although press releases have lost some of their influence as a tactic for search engine optimization (SEO), for cryptocurrency and blockchain companies, the press release is still the preferred and most affordable channel for immediately generating widespread coverage across a wide range of news sources, from print and broadcast media, trade journals, websites (including Yahoo!, Google News, Forbes & and social media.

Press releases can all also be targeted geographically, so if you are trying to reach an audience in Brazil, South Korea, South Africa, or Europe, press releases may be the best and most effective marketing option.

The average price for a premium press release ranges from $299 -$500 and there is no other form of content marketing that can deliver a higher ROI in a shorter period than a well-written, well-timed press release.

White Papers

White Papers are short, authoritative documents focused on a specific topic or solution to a particular problem. White papers are most often used to promote a certain product, service, or viewpoint.

Research Reports

Research papers are longer than white papers, with more of an academic or scholarly style. In certain professions, like blockchain technology, research reports may be preferable – especially if there is peer review or specialized editing that can help ensure the completeness and accuracy of the work.

Social Media Management for Cryptocurrency and Blockchain Companies

The growing popularity of cryptocurrency and blockchain technologies can be largely attributed to social media networks. They have become so intertwined that social media is soon expected to utilize blockchain technologies to improve security and more.

Educating the public about the benefits of crypto is a necessity. Since 2/3 of people get their news from social media, it’s the perfect place to spread the word.

Social media is the ideal platform for nurturing the financial trading relationships that developed during the Covid-19 pandemic. 30% growth was experienced, which represents a phenomenal opportunity to cultivate that interest.

Social media also presents an unparalleled chance to encourage trust in a market that has been suspect—due in large part to a lack of education. When traders understand how blockchain technology is designed to protect them from all the things they fear the most…well then, social media will have done its job.

Are you at a loss for how to educate, build trust and enhance credibility with social media? Reputation Rhino’s social media management experts know just what to do.


Facebook and crypto/blockchain are the perfect match. Why?

Millennials make up the largest demographic of cryptocurrency investors, and more than 55% of Facebook users are less than 34 years of age. That makes Facebook one of the primary places that cryptocurrency and blockchain companies should be building trust, credibility and reputation.

Potential investors will be interested in financial tips, success stories with formulas, videos that educate, statistics… anything that will increase their chances of crypto success.


Massive followings for financial services companies are born on Twitter. You know that the market moves at the speed of light, and Twitter appeals to that mentality as well. Short, informative, relevant, punchy… will all work to build an audience on Twitter.

85% of Bitcoin traders are male — another reason to add Twitter to your social media strategy (66% of Twitter’s users are male).


70% of Instagram’s users are under 35, making it a good method for reaching them with images and accompanying content.

Half of all Instagram users say they typically visit a website after viewing a product or service on the ‘gram. So always be sure to put your site’s link in your profile and work to drive people there—to foster trust, build credibility and shape your online reputation.

And don’t forget to utilize Instagram Stories. It’s the first thing users see, plus 59% of Millennials and 70% of Gen Zers view Stories on a regular basis.


Video might not be the first thing that comes to mind when building the online reputation of cryptocurrency and blockchain companies, but it’s true: video works for nearly every industry.

In fact, 94% of video marketing professionals say that video has increased consumer understanding of their business. That’s because viewers retain 95% of any message delivered by video.

Let’s not forget that Google owns YouTube, that YouTube sees nearly as much traffic as Google, its search engine gets nearly as much action as Google…and when you establish an engaging presence there, you will appear in search results.

So optimize those videos, respond to comments, invite people to subscribe to your YouTube channel, embed videos in your blogs and webpages, and share them on your social media pages.

Online Marketing for Cryptocurrency and Blockchain Companies

The reputation of your blockchain or crypto business is in good hands with the reputation management professionals at Reputation Rhino. We will ensure that everything works seamlessly together to promote the best online image for your company. Qualities like trustworthiness, credibility and profitability come to mind.

Whether you choose just one service or Rhino 360 Online Marketing, our solutions are affordable, effective and backed by our satisfaction guarantee. We specialize in:

  • SEO
  • PPC
  • Website Design and Development
  • Social Media Management
  • Press
  • Content Marketing
  • Blog Marketing
  • Online Reputation Monitoring
  • Review Building
  • Positive Review Promotion
  • Review Management
  • Suppression of Negative News and Reviews
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