According to a recent report, the construction industry in the United States is expected to fall by 6.5% in 2020, and a further 2.0% in 2021. The challenges facing the construction industry are rising, and so is the competition.

The Construction Marketing Association found that 88% of respondents said they will increase their marketing in 2020 and the increasing budget will be going online. 81% of respondents said they will increase PR/Publicity and 76% of the respondents will increase Social Media Marketing.

Globally, 67% of construction companies say that finding skilled labor is their biggest challenge. There is a significant skilled trade and labor shortage happening right now, and highly skilled tradespeople are in higher demand than ever. And they only want to work with the best. According to a CNBC report, one in three people who are offered a job will turn down that job if the business has poor online reviews.

Whether trying to attract and retain top talent or winning new projects, online reputation management is the key to success for construction companies.

When construction companies have a great online reputation — with positive reviews and lots of relevant, positive online content supporting their brand — they can attract more quality workers and win higher value projects.

Homeowners who want to build, businesses that want to expand their facilities, municipalities that have budgeted for improvements, skilled professionals seeking employment… are all looking at the online reputation of the companies they are considering working with.

87% of buyers are going straight to the Internet to begin their research, and if they don’t see positive online reviews, positive mentions, or a positive reputation… they’ll keep looking.

If you own or manage a construction business and you haven’t Googled your company’s name lately, now is the time.

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Review Management for Construction Companies

92.4% of consumers are more likely to make a purchase after reading a review that seems trustworthy. This number is of huge consequence to any contractor targeting individual buyers, like homeowners.

Reviews matter for B2B construction businesses as well. In fact, 90% of commercial contractors have said that over the past two years, online reviews from corporate clients have held their value or increased in importance to new acquisition.

What’s all this mean? It means that if you have negative content about your construction company showing up in online search or on review sites, you’re losing more business than you’re gaining. You may never know how many times you were passed over, not even given the opportunity to bid.

With review management for construction, you’ll have online reputation management experts working every day to acquire positive reviews and resolve negative reviews.

Construction Online Review Sites

Construction is one of the most demanding professions on earth. Not only do contractors have to manage a workforce, they have to handle materials, deal with delays, meet deadlines and so much more. There’s rarely time for managing your online reputation.

Anyone who’s in the construction business should track their online reviews on general review sites (Google My Business, Yelp, Yahoo! Local, Facebook, Better Business Bureau, Bing Places and Yellow Pages), as well as those specific to the construction industry, like…


When you register your business on these sites with your name, address and phone number, the listings will appear in search results. If the reviews within those sites are positive, your overall reputation will improve.


Formerly known as Angie’s List, this online review site is focused on home services. Consumers use it to find local contractors, but they also post reviews after work is completed—making it a valuable resource for people who are looking for online reviews of general and specialty construction companies.

When consumers post reviews on Angi, they use a report-card-type system, with grades A through F. Some of the categories are price, punctuality, quality, responsiveness and professionalism.

When you set up a page on Angi, it will act as a backlink to boost your search results. Next, it’s easy to track your reviews on Angi because they’re all contained on one page.

There is an annual cost to being listed on Angi. However, with 25 years’ in the business, more than 250,000 professionals and over 150 million projects completed, it’s a trusted source where your potential customers will be looking for reviews on construction companies like yours.


Before your business listing appears on HomeAdvisor, you will have to undergo financial and criminal background checks. So, simply appearing on HomeAdvisor is a plus for your online reputation.

Consumers post a job that needs to be completed, HomeAdvisor searches available construction professionals and sends the lead to those contractors who are the best fit. When you do a great job, and your customers write glowing reviews on HomeAdvisor, you’re working to polish your online reputation.

Fair Use

How to Handle Negative Construction Reviews on Angi and HomeAdvisor

Angi and HomeAdvisor are two of the most popular and widely used contractor-matching and review sites, so it’s important to know how to manage reviews that appear there. This advice doesn’t just apply to these sites, though. It can be used anywhere a business review appears.

First, the best way to combat negative reviews is to accumulate as many positive reviews as possible. So, after you complete projects that went well (where your customers were happy), send them a follow-up email asking them to complete a review on the app they used to find you.

You can even ask them to log reviews on broader sites like Yelp and Facebook. Be sure to reply to every review you receive.

If a negative review does appear, be sure to thank the reviewer for their feedback and then work to resolve the issue. Take the conversation offline, and if the problem is solved to the customer’s satisfaction, asked them to remove or update their original review.

One of the hardest parts of business review management is the tracking of those reviews. They can appear any time of day or night, and there’s no way to tell how many people have read them before you notice.

That’s when using a professional business review management firm becomes essential.

Social Media Management for Construction Companies

Social media management for construction companies and contractors is something that’s often overlooked. Because relationships in this industry aren’t generally long-term there’s a tendency to believe that ongoing conversations just aren’t necessary.

To the contrary, it’s crucial that construction professionals stay top-of-mind (with solid reputations) so that when a need does arise, they’re the first contractor consumers think of. This matters for direct hiring and for referrals.

Social media is your chance to gain trust and credibility—to start conversations and build relationships. Only 37% of construction professionals claim to have very high levels of trust. Expert social media management is the way to increase that percentage.

Reputation Rhino’s social media management and marketing program leverages the power of social media channels to get people talking (and saying good things) about your construction business. And with metrics-gathering and monthly reporting, you can be sure that’s precisely what’s happening.

Facebook for Construction

Facebook engages with 59% of all social media users. It’s also #3 on the list of most-visited websites on the internet.

If your construction firm doesn’t have an active presence on Facebook, you’re missing out on a massive amount of traffic, leads and reputation-building content.

The social media experts at Reputation Rhino can create and manage a social media strategy, including Facebook, to build your online reputation.

Instagram for Construction

People shopping for contractors are primarily using their eyes, and that’s why a highly visual platform like Instagram can be so effective for construction companies.

When researching to find products and services, 81% of consumers are using Instagram, and the average business on Instagram posts at least one video or one photo per day.

Your construction business’s reputation can benefit from high-quality before-and-after photos, videos of projects in progress, images of happy customers enjoying their new construction…the possibilities are endless.

On Instagram it is critical to be posting daily, engaging with users, answering direct messages, and attracting more followers.

YouTube for Construction

Because visuals are so important to your potential customers, a presence on YouTube is a great idea. Build an audience on YouTube using how-to videos, time-lapse videos, customer testimonial videos, 3D tour videos and more.

74% of U.S. adults are using YouTube, and according to Pew Research, it’s used by more Americans than any other online platform.

Build a YouTube channel with a video library that will attract viewers, likes, comments and boost your construction company’s Google search results.

Pinterest for Construction

According to Contractor Magazine, women are making the majority of remodeling and home-improvement decisions. And guess who’s using Pinterest? Over 77% of Pinterest’s audience is female.

When your work is showcased on Pinterest, your company will make its mark in search and Google Images, creating more opportunities for improving your reputation.

LinkedIn for Construction

If your construction business serves commercial clients, then you must be on LinkedIn. This platform that caters to B2B relationships has been voted the most trusted social media channel.

LinkedIn offers the ability to target people using their employment positions. That means if you need to put your construction business in front of the estimating department, you can do that.

Online Reputation Management for Construction

Whether you’re a lone contractor or a large construction company, your online reputation is one of your most valuable assets. If it’s good, it can sell your services while you sleep and speak for your company when you can’t.

We know that contractors are busy, and you may not feel confident in managing your online reputation on your own, that’s why we are here.

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